Davincibricks Dubai

Davincibricks Dubai

Where we turn children’s STEM education into a work of art!


DaVinciBricks Dubai uses motorized LEGO® bricks models to teach children STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, in a fun way. Join in the fun and start building in the unique DaVinciBricks educational programs! Listen, build and play in every class – it’s as fun as it sounds!

Da Vinci Bricks’ primary mandate is to help produce the engineers of tomorrow. Worldwide participation and expertise in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics subjects in school is steadily decreasing, as demand for them in the workplace is increasing. With this in mind, we have developed a unique set of curricula which combine highly effective and creative teaching methods with the level of enjoyment and engagement needed to insure that children remain focused and enthusiastic while learning.

STEM Programs

Cool Clickers: a unique enrichment program for preschool develops children’s motor, and spatial skills while exploring geometric shapes and the animal kingdom using unique flexible parts.

Intended age group: 4 – 6 years

Bricks Lab: Bricks Lab is aimed at children in elementary/primary school and is our most popular curriculum (with good reasons of course). It covers the fundamental principles of engineering, mathematics, science, and works to supplement the basics that children are taught as part of their regular school curriculum

Age group: 6-10 years

Bricks Experts: Bricks Experts builds on the topics learned in the Bricks Lab course, and goes further with building children’s ability to take an engineering approach to mechanical systems.

Age group: 10 – 12 years, or graduates from the Bricks Lab program

RoboTech: The RoboTech program introduces theoretical and practical aspects of Science, Technology, Software Engineering, Math (STEM) and Entrepreneurship.

Intended age range: 9 – 12 years OR graduates of one of the DaVinciBricks mechanical engineering programs

Robot College curriculum is the most advanced program on offer, one that provides training and theoretical knowledge in software programming and mechanical engineering, supported by math and physics instruction.

Intended age range: 12 – 15 years


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