Online Value Classes

About the Sessions 


In virtual value learning sessions, your little one will learn about:

- 4 key festivals of India as well as the value that they represent: Holi and the value of forgiveness, Rakhi and the value of the sibling bond, Diwali and the value of family, Christmas and the value of good deeds.

- Values & Life-Skills: Sharing, Giving, Honesty, Gratitude, Respect for Nature, Healthy food habits, Mindfulness (and yoga), Forgiveness (& the festival of Holi), Positivity & (the festival of Christmas), Importance of Family (the festival of Diwali), Importance of the Sibling Bond (the festival of Rakhi)


Why This Is Important?

With the advent of COVID-19, values and life skills are more important than ever to help our little ones cope with uncertainty and fear. 

As a social enterprise our mission is to support parents in raising resilient little ones who will pave the future! 


Session Format

1. Each session will

  • be for 45 minutes
  • include a 'staury' reading
  • include a simple activity to reinforce the value

2. Once you sign up, we will contact you for your number to share the deatils of the online call to ensure safety and security.

3. If you have more that one child watching from the same computer, you only have to pay once!


Take Aways

  1. Learning to practice the value behind 4 key festivals of India
  2. Learning to be productive from home
  3. Connecting with other little learners


Image Credit: Dino Staury


Mon–Sun 11:30.




from: 10 AED