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Downtown Dubai Kids Workshop

Downtown Dubai Kids Workshop

All through March, Downtown Dubai will be heartened with a series of fun-filled workshops.


Kids between the ages of 3 and 11 will have the opportunity to explore their craft skills and enhance their creative talents!

Burj Plaza:
3D Art Sculpture Workshop March 7, 2019
Slime Making Workshop March 8, 2019
Collage Art Workshop March 9, 2019

Palace Cafe:
Quilling Worskhop March 14, 2019
Slime Making Workshop March 15, 2019
Air Hardening Clay Workshop March 16, 2019

Downtown Eats:
Pipe Cleaner Craft x Cotton Ball Craft March 21, 2019
Slime Making Workshop March 22, 2019
Glass Painting Workshop March 23, 2019

Burj Plaza:
Gardening Workshop March 28, 2019
Slime Making Workshop March 29, 2019
Portrait cardboard x Nail Art Wood Workshop March 30, 2019


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