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Kids Rides

Kids Rides

Texas Track

A beautiful Roden with a lot of powerful vehicles such as Jeep, Formula Cars, Motorbikes and Trucks.

Minimum ride height: 0.9m

California Highway 

Beautifully themed ride vehicles with a unique, patent-pending interactive bouncing motion are sure to be a hit amongst kids of all ages.

Minimum ride height: 1.2m


A signature classic ride that will keep you spinning to a height of 62 meters whilst providing you with a 360degree view over the top.

Minimum ride height: 1.4m

Bahrain Merhana 

A happy and simple swing ride that can enjoy by both children and their parents.

Minimum ride height: 1.1m

Beijing Bungee

Minimum ride height: 1m

African Land

A large inflatable fun and slide area for kids to enjoy.

Minimum ride height: 1.2m

Amazon Boats

A perfect way to laze in these amazing little battery powered bumper boats.

Minimum ride height: 1.25m

Sydney Slide

Race down this waterless slippery slide.

Minimum ride height: 1m

Holland Wind Wheel

Minimum ride height: 1.05m

Swiss Swing

Minimum ride height: 1m

Spania Boat

Minimum ride height: 1.20m




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