Swim Squad Program (Term 2) @ High Performance Swimming Club

Swim Squad Program (Term 2) @ High Performance Swimming Club

Our Head coach Konstantin Bushmelev and team offer a complete squad training program that prepares swimmers for competition at all levels or for those just wanting to maintain fitness.

The Squad levels focus on maintaining advanced technique, whilst giving swimmers the opportunity to develop their own competition skills.
Swimmers in HPSC squads will develop abilities to become and reach their maximum potential in swimming. We believe that we can grow a strong team with High Performance competitive swimmers.
Selected swimmers from the Squad will be invited to represent High Performance Swimming club in various Competitions both in Dubai and regional including open water.

Pupils attending the Mini Squad will improve the competitive strokes, front crawl, backstroke and breast stroke and butterfly and will learn the drills for each stroke. Swimmers will also learn the starting dive  and all turns.
Swimmers will improve stamina and we will help them to develop the love of the swimming sport.

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Mini Squad - Pupils attending the Mini Squad will work on improving their technique for all four strokes.
We introduce the swimmer to swimming drills for each stroke. Drills isolate certain portions of a particular stroke and help you focus on what your body is supposed to be doing, On top of that swimmers will improve stamina and we will help them to develop the love of the swimming sport.

Development Squad - The Development Squad will refine all four competitive strokes, starts and turns. Swimmers will be taught to continuously utilize the correct techniques in training, and the training will help improve the swimmers cardiovascular system. Longer distances will start to be swam in the training sessions as swimmers prepare for local competitions.

Advanced Squad - This squad is intended for those swimmers who desire competitive opportunities both at a local and an international level. This squad is devised to further advance the swimmer’s skills, refining training, developing drills, techniques, starts and turns. The swimmer will be trained to compete and learn about the official competition rules and regulations.

Elite Squad - The High Performance Elite Squad offers professional training to the highest ability, with personalized training plans, including programs for both in and out of the water. The intensity of the training sessions is increased as swimmers work on pushing themselves to the best of their ability.

Term Dates

  • 12 Week Term: 3rd January - 27th March 2021
  • 25 weeks: 3rd January - 26th June 2021


  • Hamdam Sports Complex
  • Sunmarke School (Jumeira Village Triangle)


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How to Join

  • To join any of our swimming courses please contact us at – 050 175 4747
  • We will then be able to advise on the next steps and help you choose the course that best suits your swimmer. 
  • All booking for our courses is done through our online platform.
  • You can also book a FREE ASSESSMENT before you sign up for the course.


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3 January - 27 March, See the website for the opening hours
3 January - 26 June, See the website for the opening hours.



Telephone number

+971 50 175 4747