Little Explorers

Where Kids Explore and Parents Discover


From the ages of two to seven, this new sanctuary of indoor activities will offer an exciting, new learning environment for kids and toddlers to explore and discover. A place where your children can acquire knowledge by playing and understanding through exploration.

While their children explore, Little Explorers Marina also gives a chance for the parents and the whole family to participate!

Parents will discover new ideas and learn new techniques to aid their children’s mental and physical development through new exciting, educational activities catered to kids and parents alike; bringing to life Little Explorer’s motto, “Kids Explore.Parents Discover”.

Little Explorers offers an immersive educational experience within 3 different play areas allowing children to:

  • Get familiar with the study of Space.
  • Develop their balance, reaction times, hand to eye coordination and reflex skills.
  • Learn about water and its nature.

Little Explorers surface area is 2750 m 2 and can hold 200 people. Little Explorers has 27 different exhibits across 3 Zones designed specifically for children between the ages of two and seven. Animator Staff have a minimum of two years KG teaching experience and knowledge of early child-hood education.

Little Explorers provides a range of workshops which have been designed for children between the ages of two and seven, with duration's up to 90 minutes

Little Explorers' three fun-filled distinct zones offer a fascinating, varied and unique experience, allowing children to build their individual and social identity.

With the skills kids are expected to learn from each section

Play Area

The exhibits in this area help children develop their balance, reaction times, hand-to-eye coordination and focusing skills.

Space Area

Children get familiar with the study space, as they engage in exciting adventures set on rockets and space stations.

Water Area

Kids learn about the importance of water to plants and fish. They also gain an understanding of how water behaves in nature.


Image Credit: Little Explorers

Opening hours

Mon–Wed 10:00–20:00, Thu–Sat 10:00–22:00, Sun 10:00–20:00.


Toddlers Stay and Play area - First hour: 55 AED (1 adult included)
Stay and Play -1 hour in the play area: 79 AED (1 adult included)
Drop and Play -1.5H: 99 AED
Day Pass: 149 AED (1 adult included + 1 coffee + 30 min arts & crafts workshop)
Adult Pass: 30 AED




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