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Breastfeeding your Toddler Workshop

Breastfeeding your Toddler Workshop

This information-packed and very positive and encouraging workshop is especially for mothers who are breastfeeding a child over the age of 1, or contemplating doing so.


Brought to you by popular demand from mothers who felt all alone in this experience.

This workshop is ladies-only to enable mothers to speak frankly about the realities of breastfeeding a toddler. Toddler attendance is optional, but you may find you get more out of it if you leave the toddler with your partner, a child-minder or nursery and make a mums morning of it!

Discuss the joys, the struggles, the annoying habits and negative attitudes, judgment and unsolicited opinions and advice. What are the benefits of breastfeeding past age 1? Are there any risks or reasons to be concerned if your toddler is still happily nursing away? Learn strategies for pressure to wean from friends, family or physicians, for coping with negative feelings while breastfeeding, for setting breastfeeding boundaries and for getting pregnant while breastfeeding and for breastfeeding through pregnancy and beyond (tandem nursing anyone?). Finally, learn gentle weaning strategies, including night-weaning, and how to decide when you are ready to finally wean for good. Very reassuring, normalizing and encouraging--find the support and community and affirmation that you may be missing!

Taught by a lactation consultant, licensed Toddlercalm teacher, and mother of (former) breastfeeding toddlers!


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