Music Monkeys

Music Monkeys

Founded by Lisa Irwin in November 2012, Music Monkeys offers fun structured music and movement classes for children from 3 months to 4 years


Music contributes to what experts call a "rich sensory environment". Music or sound is just one of the wide experiences that can forge pathways between cells in their brains (others are taste, smell, texture & colour) This can stimulate the brain which will aid with other area’s of learning. Exposing babies to music at a very young age (even in the womb) can make these connections however the biggest impact is when the baby or child is actively participating in musical activities.

At Music Monkeys they don't just sing along to a CD they encourage mums, dads, grans, nannies to engage with their child and sing along with the teacher, this ensures little monkeys are getting the most out of their classes.

Music Monkeys caters for children from 3 months to 4 years with age-specific groups tailored for their development.

In Baby Monkeys (3 months to crawlers) Music Monkeys encourages you to bond with your baby using songs and rhymes such as 'Rock the baby' and chiffon scarfs to play 'Peekaboo!’ along with age-appropriate props to stimulate fine and gross motor skills.

Cruising Monkeys (crawlers to 17 months) class is for new movers wanting to explore the world. Drumming, clapping, bouncing & shaking are some of the key new skills they showcase. They also benefit from social interaction with other little cruisers.

Mini Monkeys (18 months - 2.5 years) are introduced to a wider selection of instruments and styles of music. They love catching bubbles and hiding under the parachute! As all the babies in this group are walking, they are becoming independent and can choose to dance, stomp, jump or roll!

In Swinging Monkeys (2.6 - 4 years) children are encouraged to engage with action and counting songs such as 'Head, shoulders, knees and toes' & 'Five Little Monkeys'. As teachers, at Music Monkeys they use lots of props that encourage the development of gross and fine motor skills. Music Monkeys also encourages the children to begin to collect, play and return any instruments...stamps really help! Swinging Monkeys also get to enjoy a story-time section at the end of the class.

Mixed Age (3 months - 4 years) classes are ideal to bring siblings together for a fun family group.

Music Monkeys is also now offering Music & More classes, consisting of fun music & movement group, a themed story plus a hands on activity & free-play section to allow little Monkeys & their care givers to socialise and unwind.

Music Monkeys offers three terms with different themes:

  1. 'Movement & Me' - transport and our bodies
  2. 'Creature Comforts' - animal songs
  3. 'Colour & Weather' - sensory experiences

Music Monkeys' venues in Dubai:

  • Fitness First, Meadows Village
  • Kids HQ, Umm Sequeim Road, Barsha 2
  • Cheeky Monkeys, Arabian Ranches 2
  • Kids Jungle, Dubai Silicon Oasis
  • Kent College, Meydan South
  • Playdates on the Palm

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Opening hours

Mon–Thu 09:00–17:00, Sat–Sun 09:00–17:00.


+971 56 838 3427