Prove that concept! Area of a Triangle

Prove that concept! Area of a Triangle

In this 3 hours lesson, learners explore the concept of Area, specifically for Triangles.


They first explore the concept visually, and then they learn about the Geometrical method. During the lesson, learners discover the different types of triangles. They finally learn to digitally create and calculate the area of various Triangles, using the Neobael Coding Platform.

Maths and Science:

  • Concepts of base and height of a triangle
  • Area of a triangle
  • Finding the area of composite figures made up of rectangles, squares and triangles.

Technology and Innovation:

  • Coding in JavaScript
  • Working with coordinate systems
  • Creating variables and objects in code
  • Invoking function calls in code

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Image Credit: Neobael


03 August, 06:00–09:00
05 August, 06:00–09:00
10 August, 06:00–09:00
12 August, 06:00–09:00.




Cost: 41.46 AED (Hurry! Only 6 students in one class. 6:2 student teacher ratio)

Telephone number

+65 3138 5290 (Singapore)



Abu Dhabi