Bedouin Life, Falconry and Wildlife Drive

Experience life as a Bedouin nomad, making a life in Dubai’s unforgiving desert.


See how these people herded, hunted, camped, and thrived in this fun, cultural desert safari. ‘Bedouin’ stems from ‘Bedu’, the Arabic term for a ‘desert dweller’. While most people in ancient times settled near rivers, the Bedouin chose the freedom of the open desert. Here, they relied on their ingenuity and grit as they overcame the harsh climate.

Your journey starts in the morning, as you’re driven out to the Dubai desert (in air-conditioned comfort). Then, you’ll leave your modern amenities and mount a camel. Ride the “ship of the desert” for 15 minutes, until you arrive at your destination: a nomadic Bedouin camp, presenting a glimpse into authentic Bedouin life.

You’ll be greeted in traditional fashion, with rose water, Arabic coffee, and dates. Explore the village, constructed of traditional woven goat hair, wood, and stones; a tribute to the resourcefulness of the nomadic people. You’ll have the chance to meet and chat with Bedouin storytellers, pet farm animals, get up close with the Arabian hunting dogs called Saluki’s and learn about Bedouin-style hunting, and how the deadly combination of falconry and Saluki dogs became their main means of hunting. You will also be able to watch the world’s fastest animal in flight in a spectacular falconry presentation.

The professional Conversation Guides will explain how to prepare your own traditional Arabic meal called Foul Medames, complete with traditional Arabic Ragaag bread and luqaimat, a delicious dessert, all the while enjoying the traditional dances performed by young local Bedouin. You are welcome to join in with them! In authentic Bedouin style, breakfast will be served on a large platter on the floor so you can enjoy this fun and social tradition.

See how Land Rovers, first introduced in 1948, transformed Bedouins life, as they could finally trade, explore and survey the vast desert areas with ease. Climb aboard a vintage Land Rover into the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve for a wildlife safari, stopping and seeing how the native flora and fauna were used for survival.

After your morning cultural experience, air-conditioned cars will return you to modern Dubai, the next chapter of the Bedouin life.

Days of Operation

Daily except Sundays
(1st October – 15th May)


Image Credit: The Platinum Heritage


Mon–Sat 06:00–12:00.




Adult: 495 AED
Child: 395 AED

Telephone number

+971 4 440 9827
+971 54 425 4995 Whatsapp



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