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Swimming Lessons @ Splash N Party

Swimming Classes Now Open!


The classes will be held at our Splash N Party pool where our swim instructor will ensure all students are encouraged to progress their swimming skills. Our classes will focus on the following benefits: social interaction, physical developments, being creative, encourages independence in the water.
Watch the reaction of your children as they learn a new skill and become aware of their new water surroundings.
We have various classes designed for all ages and abilities such as:

  • Beginners class for toddlers & adults (4 years+)
  • Parent & child classes (4 years below)
  • Private classes фе splash / at home

We have the swimming class for you! Book in for a free assessment first with us, as we can assist you in choosing the most accurate swimming class for your requirements.


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Mon–Thu 09:00–20:00, Fri–Sat 09:00–21:00, Sun 09:00–20:00.




Swimming Class Seahorse: 900 AED (For Mother + Toddler, 45 mins Duration, 10 Lessons)
Swimming Class Penguins: 900 AED (For Beginners, Age 4 and Up, 45 mins Duration, 10 Lessons)
Swimming Class Stingray: 1500 AED (For Private Class @ Splash N Party Venue, 45 mins Duration, 10 Lessons)
Swimming Class Octopus: 2200 AED (For Private Class @ Home, 45 mins Duration, 10 Lessons)

Telephone number

+971 4 388 3008
+971 50 794 2210



Al Safa 2, Street 8A, Villa no. 1, Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE