Star Kids Institute for Children Development

Star Kids Institute for Children Development

Star Kids Institute came into existence in 2003 with an aim to offer kids an innovative and fun way to learn and develop mental capabilities.


Founded by Mrs. George Varghese, Star Kids Institute takes education beyond the traditional classroom and teaches kids extracurricular skills such as creativity, idea formulation, expression, communication, strategy, planning, mathematical skills, language skills, handwriting, and computer programming.

With extensive experience in preparing future leaders and entrepreneurs backed up by expert faculty, Star Kids Institute is the place to enjoy education beyond the boundaries of the traditional system and come out as competent individuals able to take on the world. 

We, at Star Kids, are passionate about making learning more fun and enjoyable. That is why we keep experimenting with new ideas and update our curriculum to cater to kids’ curiosity and interest. Based in Dubai, we have come over the years to become one of the biggest UCMAS franchises in the emirate, thanks to our team of dedicated individuals and more than 5000 parents trusting us to keep the kids’ best interests in mind. Get your kids the education they deserve by enrolling them with Star Kids Institute and watch them develop transform into smart, intellectual, social, and accomplished individuals.


Image Credit: Star Kids Institute

Opening hours

Mon–Fri 10:00–19:00, Sat 09:00–19:00, Sun 10:00–19:00.





2023, DBCS Building Damascus Street