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Baby swimming is one of the most rewarding activities parents chose to do with their babies, it is a great way of bonding whilst giving the opportunity to learn life long skills.


At Swimming Wonders, we teach parents to teach their babies to swim. We use voice commands to instruct babies to respond to directions. We teach them how to be ready for underwater swims holding their breath, holding on, turning around, kicking and having fun along the way.

Over the years and with all the experience gained teaching over 300 babies a week , we have designed a well thought out and thorough program which allows the little ones to develop their skills in a structured way with the help and love of their parents.

Baby swimming has lots of benefits for the little ones. Firstly initiating a perfect way to exercise – the water fully supports the babies, allowing them to move more freely then they do on land. Which in turn, helps with strength development for their muscles. Secondly, Baby Swimming prevents developing a fear of the water. When babies are introduced to the classes at a young age, their first memories of the water and swimming are those of fun, enjoyment and water safety.

Swimming Wonders is the ideal way to start socialising with your baby, at the same time as learning.  Our classes have a maximum of 10 babies, and each child gets individual attention while being in a social group watching and interacting with their peers learning and having fun.

Swimming is a fun and rewarding activity and it should be introduced to babies as such.

I don’t think there is a “too soon” age to be introduced in the water, the younger your baby is the happier they are likely to be. Don’t forget, they’ve only just left the comfort of the mother’s womb, so being in warm water will still feel entirely natural. One of our youngest babies started at 4 weeks old. The longer you wait to introduce them to the water, the harder it is as toddlers develop resistance to instructions and become more apprehensive to get in the water.



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