Tender Hearts Arena

Tender Hearts Arena is an initiative that seeks to enhance the social, behavioural & life skills of differently abled children in a manner that is fun and above all boosting their self-esteem.


At Tender Hearts Arena they believe that every child has a potential that can be used as a springboard and propel them into learning new skills, which could enhance their personal sense of accomplishment.

Clinical Studies show that sports and recreation programs can help children establish lifelong, healthy, physical activity patterns. Regular physical activity can ward off life-threatening diseases, reduce feelings of depression and anxiety, help control weight and obesity, build and maintain healthy body and mind.

TENDER HEARTS concept grew from the experiences, observations and aspirations of parents, families and friends of children with special needs who wish for their children the joy, discovery, laughter and friendships that are the hallmarks of healthy childhood. Availability of specific recreational and life skill developmental programs is limited in UAE and other Gulf Nations. The children’s enthusiasm for such activities knows no bounds. Children will be engaged in a dazzling array of after school and weekend activities like dance and music lessons,creative art, drama classes and sports. These activities form an essential part of the development of imagination, confidence, physical and emotional well being of the self. They promote independence, respect, responsibility and self-esteem.

Under the supervision of a professional recreation staff, children will be provided with safe and a variety of age appropriate developmental activities that are exciting, stimulating and enriching. Tender Hearts Arena is a place where children can make friends, play with their loved ones and express themselves through their recreational activities, hence learning to take pride in themselves.


Credit: images of tender Hearts Arena

Opening hours

Mon–Thu 10:00–15:00, Sun 10:00–15:00.


+971 4 321 3138



Tender Hearts Arena, 24 25 St Umm Suqeim