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We’ve heard of them in story books. We’ve watched them on T.V. Sometimes they’ll try to invade your dreams or trick you at the grocery.

They’ll smile at you and give you treats and even call you cute, they’ll pamper you and flatter you then flush you down the Shute! Avoid them as much as you can and don’t you dare look twice, run boy as fast as you can or risk being turned to mice! Witches witches everywhere, be ware they’re NOT your friend!! They aren’t as kind as the TV swears, there’ll be no happy end.

Come watch the mystery unfold as a young boy and his grandma venture out on this journey to defeat the Grand High Witch of all the world!

The Hive Theatre Festival 2022 brings to you Roald Dahl’s The Witches!!

When: 11th and 12th June 2022

Where: Zabeel Ladies Club

Show Timings: 12pm, 3pm and 7pm

Ticket Price: It’s FREEEEEEEEE!
You can’t miss it!


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