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School Preparation Program for Children aged 4-6 years

School Preparation Program for Children aged 4-6 years

How To Get An A+Start To School - School Preparation Program


A program for children aged 4 – 6 years (currently enrolled in Kindergarten or Foundational stage)
Program Overview:
The LightHouse Arabia’s School Preparation Program is a 4-day program designed to equip children with the necessary tools to smoothly transition back into the Dubai school environment after the summer holidays. It supports both individualized learning as well as teamwork.
Parents will receive a training session that explores the underlying motor and sensory processing skills required for higher level academic success. During this time, children will be cared for by trained staff members from The LightHouse. With forward planning, parents can ensure that their children develop the appropriate skills required to support optimal integration learning at school.
Suitable For Children Struggling Wit:

  • Saying goodbye to parents/caregiver
  • Transitioning into the classroom environment or between tasks
  • Sensory processing, gross or fine motor skills
  • Relying on others for tasks such as washing hands, getting dressed or organising school bag
  • Sitting still or following instructions
  • Interacting or playing with other children (e.g. unable to share, unable to shift with changing rules of a game in play)

Program Goals For Children:

  • Improved self-confidence
  • Increased independence
  • Strengthened teamwork skills
  • Enhanced numeracy and literacy skills
  • Practice of motor skills & coordination


  • Enhanced understanding of their child’s school readiness abilities
  • Home toolbox of strategies to support further learning
  • Individualized report detailing their child’s strengths, progress, and strategies to support learning in both the school and home environments

Potential participants must first complete a screening with OT prior to enrollment confirmation


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Telephone number

+971 4 380 9298
+971 50 473 3563
+971 50 688 3313



Villa 1, Al Wasl Rd, Al Safa 2, Dubai