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2018: du Tough Mudder & du Mini Mudder

2018: du Tough Mudder & du Mini Mudder

du Tough Mudder and du Mini Mudder are back!


du Tough Mudder is a mud and obstacle course designed to test your physical strength, stamina, and mental grit. It is a team-oriented challenge with no winners, finisher medals, or clocks to race against. Join friends on a life-changing adventure where what you accomplish is almost as tough as who you are.

2018 is the year of MORE at du Tough Mudder - More Mud, More Water, More Heights and More Obstacles Than Ever Before! You will encounter 28 Obstacles along the 10km course, including SIX brand spanking new Obstacles and FOUR from 'The Vault', as well as all of our signature Obstacles!

du Mini Mudder is a 1.5km obstacle course mud run designed specifically for adventure-seeking kids. The course gives kids the chance to work as a team, get muddy, and experience the thrill of adventure.

If you like getting muddy, are tough & strong, always work together, do not whine and are up for an adventure...then du Mini Mudder is for you!

  • Hangin In Hangin Out: Let the monkey within come alive as they try out varying levels of monkey bars.
  • Mini Everest: The most iconic Tough Mudder obstacle of all time!
  • Secret Agent Squeeze: du Mini Mudders will feel like 007 as they slip through the cracks of this ‘laser’ maze with different traps on each lap.
  • Tunnel of Terror: Brave the dark and muddy tunnel as you shimmy and slide through to the other side.
  • Mount Mudd: Climb, slosh, slip, and squirm your way over Mount Mudd, that rewards kids who conquer it with a slide into—you guessed it—more mud!
  • Crazy Climb: Make your way over and through countless hay bales.
  • Tumble Weed: Crawl along the ground and underneath a fishing net to come out on the other side!
  • Child Carry: Carry your fellow Mini Mudder – and then have them return the favour!
  • Killa Chimp: The mini version of Killa Gorilla – but just as fun!

Participant must be aged between 7 and 13 and a minimum height of 42” / 107cm and must be accompanied by an adult or guardian with a valid spectator ticket, purchased online for AED 45.


For more information and to register for du Tough Mudder and du Mini Mudder, visit!


Image Credit: Tough Mudder UAE




Mini Mudder Ticket: 55 AED
Tough Mudder Standard Registration: 360 AED
Standard Registration Special Ops: 470 AED



Hamdan Sports Complex

How to get there?

Hamdan Sports Complex is a fifteen-minute drive from the Mall of the Emirates, Dubai International Airport and Mirdif, and is easily accessible from both Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Participants and spectators should take exit 611 off of Emirates Road opposite Global Village. See the below map for directions.