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Malabar Gold & Diamond Startlet Canvas 21

Malabar Gold & Diamond Startlet Canvas 21

Rejoice, all Little Artists of Dubai! Malabar Gold & Diamond Starlet Canvas Painting Competition 2021 is about to start! Take a chance to unleash your creativity and imagination, express your inner self in various colours, mingle with other fellow artists, and win amazing prizes!


Malabar Gold & Diamond Starlet Canvas Painting Competition 2021 – a platform for all young dreamers, the artists, the little Picassos, to come and let out their imaginations through various colors.

What started two years ago with a small number of just 600 participants, soon grew out to be a contest, which is not just a contest, but an experience for the kids to mingle with other fellow artists and have their
time expressing the inner artist. The total participation in 2018, crossed 2600 registrations and was a massive success in terms of the turnouts and the experience.


To register simply click on a BOOK button and fill in a registration form



  • Group A – 4 to 6 years (Pre-drawn drawing sheets will be provided)
  • Group B- 7 to 9 years (Open art)
  • Group C- 10 to 13 years (Open art)
  • Group D- 14 to 16 years (Open art)
  • From Group B to D, ONLY FOR GEMS WINCHESTER SCHOOL ( THEME- 10 years of Winchester)

1. Entry is free for participating in the competition.

2. The competition will start at 10:00 AM and will close by 4:00 PM. Participants must choose their time slot during they registrations. Only 1 adult can accompany the child due to covid restrictions and the adult must be vaccinated and should be able to present the vaccination certificate upon arrival.

3. First, Second and Third prizes will be awarded for each group and 10 runners-up from each group.

4. All participants are advised to reach the venue at least 30mins before the starting time of the competition and as per the time slot they choose.

5. All the participants should enter the venue as per the time slot provided to them during the registration

6. The time duration for the competition is 45 minutes

7. Group A- shall be provided only with a pre-drawn art/design to color. The drawing sheet should be collected from the person in charge at the venue

8. Groups B, C & D will be provided with the officially supplied drawing sheet. However, all participants are encouraged to get their canvas for better result of the painting. Participants are allowed to bring only plain canvas no painting or drawing should be on the canvas

9. Participants will have to bring their colors, supporting board and other required material with them

10. Participants can use colors of their choice.

11. An independent panel of judges will decide winning entries. The decision of the board of judges will be final and will not be open for the challenge in any manner or whatsoever

12. All the participants will be handed over a participation certificate after the competition

13. Winners and prize distribution details will be sent via email only to the winners after a week of the competition day.

14. The judgment will be based on theme and Creativity

15. After the online registration process kindly make sure to carry a print of the registration form

16. This event is open to all nationalities and schools from age group 4 to 16 years.


This event is supported by Zee Tv & Zee Cinema,Vibe FM, Gems Winchester School, Halwani Bros, Choithrams, Tickikids, Arabian Technical Printing, Euro Cake & Mapped.


Image Credit: Tamquest Entertainment




Canvas 21, time slot 1: 10:00 to 11:00: Free
Canvas 21, time slot 2: 11:00 to 12:00: Free
Canvas 21, time slot 3: 13:00 to 14:00: Free
Canvas 21, time slot 4: 14:00 to 15:00: Free
Canvas 21, time slot 5: 15:00 to 16:00: Free

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