Wisdom Warehouse

Wisdom Warehouse

Wisdom Warehouse is the one-stop shop for hands-on tutoring and enrichment classes, summer camps and unique workshops.


Catering to children ages 6-14, Wisdom Warehouse specializes in tailor-made reading, writing and math classes, Wisdom Warehouse is an industrial looking, yet child-centered space on Umm Suqeim Road. It offers a one-of-a-kind learning environment that inspires kids to be creative and think outside the box. Wisdom Warehouse’s lessons and camps are always a hit with both kiddos and parents. The children love the engaging, action-packed sessions and parents can be rest assured knowing their children are rigorously learning while having fun with qualified teachers.


Image Credit: Wisdom Warehouse

Opening hours

Mon–Wed 10:00–18:30, Thu 10:00–15:30, Sat 10:00–15:00, Sun 10:00–18:30.


Summer Camp: 231 AED


+971 4 882 4999



Dubai Al Barsha Dubai

How to get there?

Umm Suqeim Road to 9394 Avenue. Shop 8.