World Violin Academy

The World Violin Academy is an online institution specialising in Violin Performance.


It provides online courses for beginners, intermediate, advanced students and professionals.

Lifelong Online Violin Education is open to all students of all ages, for academic purposes or as a hobby.

Courses divide the music program into the multiple lectures, differ for the class length and training plan.

If you have passion and talent for the violin, we have unbeatable offers for you, your friends, and your family.  

Recommend us and get a 50% discount on all courses you purchase for a lifetime.

Let's showcase your talent together!

Why do students choose online violin courses?

It’s very common for parents to enrol their children in numerous after school music classes. In a modern digital society, they often choose online instrument lessons as a convenient way to improve musical, technical, practice and performing skills. Online learning gives much more possibility to families all over the world to connect with well-trained teachers and access the premium courses from the comfort of their home.


Image Credit: World Violin Academy

Opening hours

Mon–Sat 10:00–22:00.