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Learn to Chant

BHAKTI YOGA: The Yoga of Divine Love

“The principle of Bhakti yoga is to utilize all the normal relations of human life into which emotion enter and apply them no longer to transient worldly relations, but to the joy of the All-Loving, the All-Beautiful and the All-Blissful”. Worship and meditation are used only for the preparation and increase of intensity of the divine relationship. Bhakti yoga this comes more easily, more simply, more naturally because he whom one loves one loves to remember constantly and this constant remembrance brings union.

About the Teacher:
Join Sneha Arora, practising Bhakti yoga from a very young age. Her devotion to chants and mesmerizing voice makes it a soothing experience for the listener and learner both. She has a YouTube Channel “Yogihearts” dedicated to Meditative Yoga Mantras and Chants and also regularly has concerts for the same. As a commercial singer on TV, she was always drawn to spiritual music and mantras and hence had a Bhajan album released when she was 18.

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