TickiKids’ Top Picks: June Camps for Kids in Singapore

Published 22 April 2024 at 10:17

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TickiKids’ Top Picks: June Camps for Kids in Singapore

June marks the beginning of the school holidays, providing kids with a much-needed break and an opportunity for families to spend quality time together! Nice and pleasant weather makes it an ideal time to explore outdoor attractions and enjoy outdoor activities! and indulge in the city-state's culinary delights.

Explore TickiKids' thoughtfully curated selection of June camps, join in, and create memories that will be cherished for a lifetime! June camps present a wealth of benefits for children and teenagers. Beyond simply offering a reprieve from the routine, they cultivate personal growth, social skills, and lifelong abilities. Through interactive activities, participants cultivate resilience, independence, and self-assurance, forging enduring friendships and treasured moments. Additionally, the outdoor setting stimulates curiosity, creativity, and a profound appreciation for nature's wonders! Whether tackling team challenges or exploring artistic avenues, June camps deliver priceless experiences that sculpt character and ignite enduring interests.

Summer Camps by Camp Asia

Summer Camp by Camp Asia Collage
Image Credit: Camp Asia

Camp Asia stands out as a perennial favourite among kids in Singapore, thanks to its diverse array of activities catering to every interest. Renowned for its team of experienced and qualified teachers, coaches, and teaching assistants, Camp Asia ensures the creation of an engaging, convenient, and safe environment for children to thrive in.

What sets Camp Asia apart is its unwavering commitment to safety and quality. From meticulously vetted facilities to stringent safety protocols, parents can entrust their children to Camp Asia with peace of mind. Each activity is thoughtfully designed to not only entertain but also facilitate learning, skill development, and personal growth.

Camp Asia offers a holistic experience where children can explore new interests, hone their talents, and forge lasting friendships. Whether it's sports, arts, STEM activities, or outdoor adventures, there's something for everyone. Through hands-on experiences and expert guidance, children are empowered to discover their passions and unlock their full potential.

Let’s Dance

Rev up the tunes and ignite the atmosphere! At this camp, kids will dive into a world of dance, mastering everything from hip-hop to street jazz and beyond. They'll groove through the basics, nail down precise movements, feel the pulse of the music, and, above all, strut their stuff with boundless enthusiasm and self-assurance.

  • When: Jun 10-14, 18-21, 24-28; Jul 1-5.
  • Age: 4-5, 6-8, 9-12.
  • Fees: $715.00 (5 days), $655.00 (4 days).

Drama Academy

This camp presents an ideal chance for participants to cultivate creativity, confidence, and character growth. Throughout the week, a carefully curated selection of activities, ranging from games and improvisation to storytelling, acting, and movement exercises, will culminate in an impressive showcase on stage. Here, every child will have the opportunity to showcase their development and talents, fostering a sense of achievement and self-expression.

  • When: Jun 10-14, 18-21, 24-28; Jul 1-5.
  • Age: 4-5, 6-8, 9-11.
  • Fees: $715.00 (5 days), $655.00 (4 days).

Creative Coding

Through Digital Storytelling and Game Design, we'll assist young coders in unleashing their creativity while mastering the essentials of coding and computational thinking. Each day, your child will either craft their own interactive narrative or acquire new coding skills as they develop multimedia games. On the final day, they'll merge their newfound knowledge into an original project. In our Classic Game Design program, kids will code their personalised versions of classic video games. Beginners will receive step-by-step guidance, while advanced coders will discover fresh techniques to enhance their skills. By crafting their own artwork, level designs, and putting their unique spin on classics, kids will grasp coding fundamentals while immersing themselves in the world of game design.

  • When: Jun 10-14, 24-28; Jul 8-15, 15-19.
  • Age: 6-8, 9-11.
  • Fees: $715.00 (5 days).

Electronic Makerspace

MakerSpace is a dynamic collaborative environment designed for making, learning, exploration, and sharing. It's a hub where creativity comes to life through hands-on activities! Activities include constructing bridges capable of supporting a Sphero robot and programming it to traverse, tackling design challenges like constructing the tallest structure using dry noodles, crafting dream homes with Lego, mastering object animation with iPads, developing board games and arcade games, unleashing creativity in Minecraft, and countless other exciting ventures!

  • When: Jun 18-21; Jul 1-5, 15-19, 22-26.
  • Age: 6-9.
  • Fees: $715.00 (5 days), $655.00 (4 days).

LEGO® Robotics

Utilising both Lego WeDo and EV3 Robotics, your child will construct a variety of Olympic-themed robots. Campers will engineer robots tailored for various events such as shot put, sprinting, climbing, and wrestling. Introduction to programming will be facilitated through straightforward block coding within the Lego EV3 classroom software. Daily mini competitions will provide opportunities for campers to compete individually and in teams, showcasing their robot-building prowess.

  • When: Jun 10-14; 8-21.
  • Age: 6-12.
  • Fees: $715.00 (5 days), $655.00 (4 days).

Math Mania

At Math Mania, they're dedicated to enhancing your child's mathematical skills through interactive gameplay, number exploration, and establishing conceptual frameworks tailored to their individual abilities. Camp’s curriculum encompasses a wide range of mathematical concepts, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, fractions, graphing, estimation, and story problems, fostering ample opportunities for concept exploration and inquiry. Each day, educators delve into different thematic topics to maintain your child's engagement in a positive and enjoyable learning environment.

  • When: Jun 18-21, 24-28; Jul 8-12, 15-19.
  • Age: 6-8.
  • Fees: $715.00 (5 days), $655.00 (4 days).

Multi - STEM

In this Multi-Activity camp tailored for 9 to 12-year-olds, campers will explore thrilling STEM components including coding, robotics, virtual reality, 3D printing, and engineering! Each day, they'll delve into a different STEM field, with each activity revolving around a pressing global issue: vaccine delivery.

  • When: Jul 1-5, 22-26.
  • Age: 9-12.
  • Fees: $715.00 (5 days).

Junior Scientist

Get ready for daily adventures in scientific exploration! Campers will delve into a plethora of captivating concepts, unraveling the mysteries of the natural world one discovery at a time. Through the lens of critical inquiry, they will ponder the why behind the how, employing the scientific method as our trusty guide to uncovering the truths of nature. So don your lab coat, buckle up for experimentation, and prepare to embark on a journey of scientific wonder!

  • When: Jun 10-14, 18-21, 24-28; Jul 1-5.
  • Age: 6-8, 9-11.
  • Fees: $715.00 (5 days), $655.00 (4 days).

Intensive English

The Intensive English program’s aim is to boost campers' confidence and fluency in English. Through immersive experiences, they'll sharpen their language skills, bridging any gaps to align with their global peers and excel in their academic pursuits. The benefits extend far beyond academia. Armed with improved English proficiency, campers will unlock countless opportunities, forge new connections, and shrink the world's boundaries. Get ready to broaden horizons and foster a sense of global camaraderie!

  • When: Jun 10-21; Jun 24 - Jul 5; Jul 8-19.
  • Age: 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-13.
  • Fees: $1430.00 (10 days), $1370.00 (9 days).

Passion for Art

Now is the perfect moment to awaken the budding artist within your child! At this camp, young creators will have the opportunity to explore painting, drawing, ceramics, and recycling techniques to unlock their unique style and discover inspiration. Moreover, participants will delve into the rich history of art, spanning from the Neolithic era to the realms of Pop and Minimalist movements, gaining insight into the evolution of artistic expression throughout time.

  • When: Jun 10-14, 18-21, 24-28; Jul 1-5.
  • Age: 6-8, 9-12.
  • Fees: $715.00 (5 days), $655.00 (4 days).

Super Chef

The art of cooking becomes an exciting adventure for children who enroll in our Super Chef camp. Here, they embark on a culinary journey exploring a myriad of flavours, textures, and cultures. From mastering kitchen basics and identifying ingredients to crafting everyday meals and exotic delicacies from scratch, children discover the joys of cooking. Led by a skilled team of professional chefs, participants delve into captivating food facts and historical insights through daily workshops and masterclasses. The highlight of the week is the parent-child lunch, where your child showcases their culinary prowess by preparing a delicious meal, creating lasting memories for both you and your child.

  • When: Jun 10-14, 18-21, 24-28; Jul 1-5.
  • Age: 6-8, 9-11, 12-16.
  • Fees: $780.00 (5 days), $730.00 (4 days).

Multi-Activity, Multi-Adventure

These camps provide a diverse range of activities, catering to children eager to explore new interests. Here, participants can immerse themselves in art, drama, sports, and science, offering ample opportunities to discover their passions. By engaging in various activities, children can identify their preferences and interests, enabling them to pursue them further in the future.

  • When: Jun 10-14, 18-21, 24-28; Jul 1-5.
  • Age: 3-4, 5-6, 7-8.
  • Fees: Multi-Activity - $715.00 (5 days), $655.00 (4 days); Multi-Adventure - $800.00 (5 days), $725.00 (4 days).


In this camp, each day is devoted to a particular activity, allowing children to fully immerse themselves and invest ample time in it. From crafting wooden art pieces to exploring gardening, basketball, and baking, children are in for an exhilarating week during their Easter break!

  • When: Jun 3-5, 29-31.
  • Age: 5-6, 7-8, 9-11.
  • Fees: $715.00 (5 days), $655.00 (4 days).

Super Basketball

Throughout this week, your children can significantly enhance their basketball knowledge and skills under the guidance of highly professional and experienced coaches at this camp. Here, participants will receive expert instruction on mastering the fundamentals, refining their techniques, and gaining a comprehensive understanding of the rules and theoretical aspects of the game.

  • When: Jun 10-14, 18-21, 24-28; Jul 1-5.
  • Age: 7-10, 11-16.
  • Fees: $730.00 (5 days), $705.00 (4 days).

Super Soccer

Prepare for the exciting Friday Mini-World Cup alongside the coaches from Camp Asia! Throughout the week, children will engage in skill-building drills, games, and daily prizes, while also enjoying educational sessions, slip-n-slide fun, and quizzes. This soccer-filled week is sure to captivate your kids' interest and enthusiasm! Every child joining this camp will receive a FREE Branded Soccer kit!

  • When: Jun 10-14, 18-21, 24-28; Jul 1-5.
  • Age: 5-10, 11-14.
  • Fees: $760.00 (5 days), $705.00 (4 days).


Embarking on a week of parkour sessions demands a considerable amount of physical exertion, even for the most energetic child. From jumping and climbing to vaulting and balancing, participants will engage in activities that cultivate essential skills such as balance, coordination, focus, commitment, and awareness of their physical capabilities. With attentive supervision from skilled instructors, children will have the opportunity to train in a secure environment, pushing their boundaries and striving for excellence.

  • When: Jun 10-14, 18-21, 24-28; Jul 1-5.
  • Age: 7-13.
  • Fees: $715.00 (5 days), $655.00 (4 days).

Super Gymnastics

This camp serves as a robust platform for children to delve into a variety of sports beyond just gymnastics. It imparts the concept of physical literacy, which encompasses fundamental movement patterns and foundational skills in both gymnastics and other sports. Through this holistic approach, children not only develop proficiency in gymnastics but also gain the essential skills necessary to excel in various other athletic endeavors.

  • When: Jun 10-14, 18-21, 24-28; Jul 1-5.
  • Age: 5-6, 7-8, 9-12.
  • Fees: $760.00 (5 days), $705.00 (4 days).

Camp Asia offers a hassle-free booking experience with its all-inclusive pricing structure, ensuring that families can enjoy peace of mind knowing there are no hidden costs associated with activities.

The cost includes healthy lunch, morning and afternoon snacks (made fresh daily) catering for a wide range of dietary needs, Camp Asia T-Shirt, and all equipment and materials.

If it is sold out you'll have the option to Wait List Me.

Contact: info@campasia.asia

Parent Hotline: +65 6289 5888

Location: Stamford American International School 1 Woodleigh Lane (off Upper Serangoon Road) Singapore 357684.

SocialsFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok

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Camp GungHo

Summer Camp GungHo Collage

Image credit: Get GungHo

Unlock your passion and join the adventure with award-winning Camp GungHo! Created by former IB international school leaders, Camp GungHo offers an exhilarating blend of camp games, arts and crafts, and thrilling excursions to Adventure Cove Water Park, Ultra Golf, Hydrodash, and Nestopia climbing adventure playground.

Plus, don't miss out on the opportunity to join Get GungHo FC, the Soccer Academy partner of Celtic FC in Singapore, for an intensive week-long soccer camp. Train under the guidance of Glasgow Celtic's Coaches flown in from the UK, experiencing the expertise of a Champions League club without leaving Singapore! Looking for a family bonding experience? Join us for Family Camp Bintan and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones. Enjoy kayaking, rock-wall climbing, boat trips, and more during this 4-day, 3-night adventure. Enquire now for an unforgettable summer!


  • Camp GungHo Sentosa: Jurassic Beach, 27-29 May, 9am - 4pm
  • Camp GungHo Sentosa: Super Smash Bros, 3-7 June, 9am - 4pm
  • Camp GungHo Sentosa: Beach Olympics "Light the Torch", 10-12 June, 9am - 4pm
  • Celtic Soccer Academy UK: Kovan Arena, 17-21 June, 9am - 12pm
  • Celtic Soccer Academy UK: Skypark Arena Holland, 17-21 June, 4:30pm - 7pm
  • Camp GungHo Sentosa: Jurassic Beach, 24-26 June, 9am - 4pm
  • Camp GungHo Bintan: Family Adventure Camp, 1-4 July
  • Camp GungHo Sentosa: Beach Olympics "The Last Leg", 5-7 August, 9am - 4pm
  • Camp GungHo Bintan: Family Adventure Camp, 8-11 August
  • Camp GungHo Sentosa: Mario World, 13-15 August, 9am - 4pm


  • Camp GungHo Early Bird 3days $408, 5days $620
  • Celtic Soccer Academy UK Early Bird 5days $380

Camp GungHo Sentosa *Use promo code TICKI5 for 5% off. Use promo code HANGOUT for 8% off (for sign ups of 3 or more). All stackable on top of prevailing Early Bird Discount! Register and get an unforgettable adventure!

Celtic Soccer Academy UK **Use promo code TICKI375 for 5 days at $375. Use promo code CSAHANGOUT for fees at $360 (for sign ups of 3 or more). Register and enjoy a memorable experience!

Socials: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube

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June Camps by NewtonShow

Summer Camp Newtonshow Collage

Image Credit: Newtonshow

Newtonshow never fails to impress us with the breadth of the camps' informative and entertaining programs. Year each year, Newtonshow's professionals create something extraordinary, cementing the organization's reputation as Singapore's premier edutainment provider!

What activities will our children enjoy this summer?

'Space Adventure' camp

How likely is it that life exists outside of our solar system? What discoveries did the Webb telescope make? What do voyagers investigate? What should I bring with me to the Moon? During their fascinating space adventure, young scientists and explorers will seek answers to these issues and participate in hands-on experiments. And, of course, they will take home some trophies - like balloon rockets, Mars soil, Space Slime, and so much more!

'The most hands-on Science' camp

This camp is infused with hands-on experiments, workshops, and science to the max! From kitchen science to molecules and magnetism, little scientists will try their hand at many activities testing the basic physical and chemical laws in practice in the most fun and exciting way.

Harry Potter - New program!

Kids love the Harry Potter universe, so it's no surprise that this program finds its way onto Newtonshow's camp schedule year after year.

Get ready for the most magical and whimsical experience of this summer with the lessons at the School of Magic and Wizardry! Young wizards will attend the lessons in Potions, Charms, and Herbology! Where else will they be able to create their magic wand, create a Polyjuice potion slime, and take part in the Quidditch competition?

Lab Programme

Newtonshow was Singapore's first edutainment provider to allow kids to work in a real lab under the supervision of actual scientists! Every year, the programme becomes more elaborate. How about obtaining strawberry DNA? Or, how do you construct a rainbow wand? Edible water bubbles, starburst and cloud slimes, and lots and lots of cool stuff await your little explorer there!

MultiActivity Camp

This camp is a fantastic find for kids who wish to try new things and don't want to focus on one activity only. There are two possible directions:


It's an ideal destination for emerging artists. Be it a Drama Day with an on-stage muppet show or a Cooking Day with delicious pizza and pasta, campers will get a possibility to unleash their creativity and boost their imagination and presentation skills. Kids will learn to make a wax paper lantern, make muppets, complete a big canvas project, and so much more!


This more “serious” camp is dedicated to LEGO, Robotics, Science, Light-Up, and Engineering. Every day kids will change rooms that are specially designed to meet the requirements of the daily theme and participate in hands-on activities, experiments, and competitions.

Adventure Camp

Summer is the best season to be outdoors - so let's not miss this opportunity to spend some time outside the classroom (even the most fancy and cool one!) and visit some great locations in Singapore!

Big Adventure Camp

Little explorers will visit five locations in Singapore: Natural History Museum, Science Museum, Artground, farms, and one of the most beautiful parks. There, they will learn about dinosaurs, solve science mysteries, try to grow their own harvest, and make some great art pieces.

Newtonshow Outdoor

This program is aimed at kids aged 5+ - and your kids will love the time spent there! From archery to sand castles, map orientation to science under the sky and natural art projects, kids will have fun, make new friends, and learn something new every day,

The groups here are small, with no more than 5 kids in the group to ensure safety and the best experience.

Do not miss the opportunity to get 20% off for PRE-Early bird promo!

Newtonshow is the only camp in Singapore that sends daily photo and video reports to the parents. Stay tuned to the progress of your kids!

When: 27 May - 30 June, time: 9 AM - 4 PM.

Age: 3–14.

Fees: 685 SGD, all materials, 2 snacks, lunch, water bottle, hat, and certificate included. Also, kids can use a free bus from 278 River Valley, 273 Thomson Road, 887a Bukit Timah Road, and 229 Joo Chiat Road.


  • +65 3125 1947;
  • +65 8784 2801;
  • +65 8264 6655.


  • 121 and 229 Joo Chiat Road;
  • 887a Bukit Timah Road;
  • Bukit Timah Shopping Centre;
  • 9 Mohamed Sultan Road;
  • 221 River Valley Road;
  • 175 and 273 Thomson Road;
  • 1 Goldhill Plaza;
  • 230 and 278 River Valley;
  • 232 River Valley Road;
  • East Coast Park/West Coast Park.
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British Council - June 2024 Holiday Camps

Image credit: British Council

The British Council is delighted to announce the celebration of they 90th anniversary worldwide in 2024!

In June, British Council Holiday Camps cater to a wide age range, spanning from Early Years to Secondary students. These camps offer your child the chance to delve into more than just English language learning; they provide an avenue to cultivate the 21st-century competencies crucial for academic and future achievements!

At the British Council, they firmly believe that language and communication skills are fundamental to virtually every aspect of life. That's why Holiday Camps utilise English as a tool for exploring the world, fostering problem-solving, collaboration, and creativity.

Every week, students delve into a new theme while honing their written or spoken communication abilities. Through these captivating topics, learners not only expand their understanding of the world but also ignite their passion for lifelong learning.

At June 2024 Holiday Camp, students will:

  • Expand their vocabulary and grammar across diverse subjects.
  • Enhance confidence in written and verbal communication across various scenarios.
  • Cultivate a broader understanding of the world and foster intellectual curiosity.
  • Strengthen creativity and problem-solving skills.
  • Activities for students include:
  • Engaging games, crafts, and enjoyable activities.
  • Collaborative group research projects.
  • Interactive hands-on experiments.
  • Delivering presentations.

What to expect at June Holiday Camps:

  • Smaller class sizes ensure ample individual attention and support.
  • Opportunities for your child to collaborate and communicate with peers and teachers.
  • Expertise from internationally qualified, experienced, and dedicated teachers.

Register now, and the British Council’s friendly multilingual course consultants will help you get started with your child's learning journey.

The minimum sign up is for one week. You can register your child for as many weeks of camp as you wish.

Explore your options and seize the opportunity to discover the perfect studying camps dates and venues for you!

Camp fees: S$650.00/week to S$805.00/week. All prices include materials, certificate and 9% GST. Complimentary uniforms provided.

Timing and locations:

All camps operate from Monday to Friday (closed for public holidays).

  • 27 to 31 May 2024, 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.: Napier Road Centre - Early Years and Primary; Toa Payoh Centre - Primary
  • 3 to 7 June 2024, 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.; 1.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. (for PSLE Intensive only): Napier Road Centre - Early Years, Primary and PSLE Intensive; Toa Payoh Centre - Primary
  • 10 to 14 June 2024, 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.: Napier Road Centre - Early Years and Primary; Toa Payoh Centre - Primary, PSLE Intensive and Secondary
  • 18 to 21 June 2024 (no camp on 17 June for Hari Raya Haji public holiday), 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.: Napier Road Centre - Early Years and Primary; Toa Payoh Centre - Primary and Secondary

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AQZOG 6 Days Holiday Swimsafer Program

Summer Camp AQZOG Swim School Singapore Collage
Image credit: AQZOG Swim School Singapore

Dive into the excitement of AQZOG 6 Days Holiday Swimsafer Program, where children embark on an exhilarating aquatic adventure! As the summer sun beckons, young swimmers eagerly prepare for a season filled with fun and learning. Laughter and joy permeate the atmosphere as they delve into aquatic exploration under the expert guidance of passionate coaches.

At Delta Swim Complex and Clementi Swim Complex, coaches bring years of experience and a deep love for swimming to every lesson. With skilful guidance, young learners are introduced to the basics of swimming, not merely focusing on mastering strokes and techniques, but also instilling essential values.

Throughout the programs, three core values—Respect, Focus, and Resilience—are woven into the fabric of swimming lessons, creating a holistic learning experience for children. Respect becomes the cornerstone of interactions, emphasising the importance of treating fellow swimmers, coaches, and oneself with dignity and consideration. Focus takes center stage during skill-building exercises, encouraging children to concentrate on their movements and synchronise their breath with their strokes. And when faced with challenges, resilience shines through, teaching young swimmers the importance of perseverance and determination.

As the program progresses, each child's journey through the waters becomes a splashing success, filled with newfound skills, confidence, and a deeper appreciation for the art of swimming. Every dip in the pool becomes an unforgettable adventure in learning and growth!

AQZOG 6 Days Holiday Swimsafer Program's central point extends beyond perfecting swimming techniques to encompass character building. In this program, swimming serves as a vehicle for instilling essential life skills that go beyond the poolside. Three core values—Respect, Focus, and Resilience—that serve as transferable skills, equipping children to navigate life's challenges with grace and determination. While safety remains a top priority, the character-building aspect of the program takes precedence, preparing young swimmers for the complexities of the real world. The ultimate goal is to equip children with the skills and mindset necessary to navigate life's currents with confidence and resilience. Through swimming, they not only learn to stay afloat but also to thrive in the vast ocean of life's challenges.

There will be a swimsafer test on 29 or 30 Jun at Clementi between 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. depending on the stage.

Stage 1,2,3 Group

  • Location: Clementi Swimming Complex
  • Training time: 9 a.m. to 10:15 a.m.
  • Date: 28 Tue 30 Thu 31 Fri May 4 Tue 6 Thu 7 Fri Jun

Stage 1,2,3 Group

  • Location: Delta Swimming Complex
  • Training time: 9 a.m. to 10:15 a.m.
  • Date: 11 Tue 13 Thu 14 Fri 18 Tue 20 Thu 21 Fri Jun

Stage 4,5,6 Group

  • Location: Clementi Swimming Complex
  • Training time: 10:30 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.
  • Date: 28 Tue 30 Thu 31 Fri May 4 Tue 6 Thu 7 Fri Jun

Stage 4,5,6 Group

  • Location: Delta Swimming Complex
  • Training time: 10:30 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.
  • Date: 11 Tue 13 Thu 14 Fri 18 Tue 20 Thu 21 Fri Jun

Prepare for an exciting aquatic adventure by completing your registration today!

Contact: ask@aqzog.com

  • +91375141
  • +6591375141, WhatsApp


  • Delta Swimming Complex, 900 Tiong Bahru Rd, Singapore 158790;
  • Clementi Swimming Complex, 520 Clementi Ave 3, Singapore 129908.

Socials: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube

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June Camps by Empath Education

Summer Camp by Empath Education

Image Credit: Empath Education

We understand the importance of developing strong soft skills for a successful future and, alas, not many camps and classes pay attention to them.

The innovative programs by Empath Education go beyond traditional education and boost vital future-proof skills like social interaction, effective communication, confident presentation, and impeccable social etiquette.

This June, you can enroll your kids in these camps:

1-Day Camp: Dining Etiquette + Confidence Booster (7-12 years old)

Here is a sneak peek at the camp schedule: in the morning kids will learn dining etiquette, from using utensils to ordering at the restaurant. Then they will test their new knowledge during lunch at Collins restaurant. In the afternoon, they will have a Confidence booster workshop designed to improve their social skills through games, creative projects, and role-playing activities.

When: 28 May, time: 10:00-17:00;

10 June, time: 10:00-17:00.

2-day Camp: Public Speaking - Be An Engaging Speaker (9-12 years old)

This workshop uses the power of 3 Vs - Visual, Vocal, and Verbal to boost confidence and charisma, overcome stage fright, and learn to make powerful presentations. 

For example, for starters, kids will learn the specifics of using tone, pauses, melody, and pitch to improve their vocal projection and persuasion skills. 

When: 29 May - 30 May, time: 10:00-16:00;

17 June - 18 June, time: 10:00-16:00.

1-Day Camp: Be Kind, Be Cool, Be You!

If your kids want to learn how to build and maintain friendships and manage their emotions effectively, this workshop will do the job. The activities of the workshop include empathy exercises, role-play, the essence of kindness and respect, learning what manners are appropriate at home and school, and so on.

When: 7 June, time: 10:00-17:00.

3-Day Camp: EmpowerKids: Communication, Collaboration & Creativity

Over 3 days, children will learn the importance of effective communication, the value of teamwork, and the power of creative thinking.

When: 12 June - 14 June, time: 10:00-16:00.

Visit their website at www.empathedu.org for more info and to secure your spot. 

Fees: starting from 168 SGD

Contacts: +65 8448 6659, tiffany@livingwithtiffany.com.

Socials: Facebook, Instagram.

Location: 11 Eunos Rd, Singapore.

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VOCA Academy June Camps

Image Credit: VOCA Academy

VOCA Academy is one of the best vocal academies in Singapore, well-known for its high-quality vocal training for singers and professional voice users of all ages. 

The main advantages of VOCA Academy are an inclusive approach, a top-tier level of professionalism of its teachers, and a wide range of possibilities to perform on stage. Thus, everyone can find their Voice here as the experts of VOCA Academy believe that each individual is gifted with a voice and can hone it to the fullest potential.

The founder of VOCA Academy, Rachel Lim, has graduated with a double Master of Music in Vocal Pedagogy and Music Education (Autism Concentration) at Boston Conservatory at Berklee, USA, and is a recipient of the National Arts Council Postgraduate Scholarship 2018. She ensures that all instructors are professionally trained to work with students of all ages and abilities, boosting the inclusiveness of the Academy to the max. 

The list of courses includes 1-1 Private/Group Singing Lessons, Corporate/School workshops, Holiday Camps, and a parent-accompanied Music Programme for Babies and Toddlers 4-18 months — VOCA Tiny Tots! 

This June, the instructors of VOCA Academy have prepared something special: 

  • May 28-30: The Rainbow Fish camp (3-5 y.o) Learn the melodies inspired by the story of friendship and make some hands-on crafts.
  • June 4-6: The Very Hungry Caterpillar camp (3-5 y.o) is inspired by the famous book by Eric Carle.
  • June 11-13: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. This camp (3-5 y.o.) explores the forest theme with bear crafts and songs.
  • June 18-20: Elmer Camp (3-5 y.o.) invites kids to meet everyone’s favorite patchwork elephant Elmer.
  • May 29: Swiftie Songbirds: Pop Star Edition (6-9 y.o.) explores the work of Taylor Swift, from songwriting and vocal techniques to songs and melodies created by this superstar.
  • June 5: Princess Power: Disney Star Edition (6-9 y.o.) - here kids will learn the melodies from their beloved Disney movies and even make their tiaras.
  • June 12: Broadway Bonanza: Musical Star Edition (6-9 y.o.) is a place where young singers can immerse themselves into the atmosphere of world-renowned musicals like The Sound of Music and Matilda.

The number of places is limited so do not hesitate to enroll your little star in the holiday course!

When: 28 May - 20 June, See the website for the opening hours.

Age: 3-9.

Contacts: +65 8906 4434, hello@vocaacademy.co

Fees: starting from 68 SGD per day.

Socials: Facebook, Instagram.

Location: 2 Havelock Road, Havelock 2, #03-13 Singapore 059763

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