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Seminar: Parent Training

Seminar: Parent Training

“Parent Training” workshop is a half day seminar for Adults, specifically parents.


Parent Training” workshop is initiated to so that we can educate and create an awareness amongst parents about how to bring our children outdoor, in nature while at the same time letting go, to allow them to experience nature freely. Participants will be able to use the skills and realization learnt through the workshop journey to further expand their own parenting ways at home and outside.

This is a platform for parents/guardians to learn how to let go of their own tension and fears, while still ensuring that they have the awareness and presence to support a safe space for learning and play.

Contents that will be covered includes:

  • Physical Safety – Adopting the Right Position
  • Ecological Safety – Understanding the Wild
  • Emotional Safety – Letting Go & Be Present

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Image Credit: Forest School - Singapore


For parents


Price: 36 SGD



Dairy Farm Rd, Singapore