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Humanity's Greening of Planet Earth Photo Exhibition

Humanity's Greening of Planet Earth Photo Exhibition

The Embassy of Switzerland is pleased to present Humanity's Greening of Planet Earth - a Voyage, a photo exhibition imagined and conceived by Swiss photographer Mario Del Curto.


The project focuses on the subject of biodiversity and the different ways in which humans have interacted with their natural, botanical environment through the ages and in different parts of the world. It stands at the crossroads between art and science, where photographic vision meets cutting-edge research in plant biology.

This fall, visitors will have the opportunity to discover Mario Del Curto’s unique view on the role of plants in today’s world along Colonnade, Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay. It will be on display for 6 weeks, running from 2 October to 12 November. Guided tours will be organized – dates and timing to be confirmed.

Mario Del Curto is a Swiss photographer, based in Sergey, Vaud, Switzerland. He has travelled the globe, firstly to cover the social unrest of the 1970’s and 1980’s, then in quest of self-taught, anonymous and inventive outsider artists, whom he baptized “the wayside creators”. He is well-known for these images, as well as for the ones he took of the living arts. Today, he devotes himself to a broad photographic exploration of the dialogues between mankind and plant life, which leads to international shows and publications.


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