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IgNight @ Cloud Forest

IgNight @ Cloud Forest

Visitors to Cloud Forest, Gardens By the Bay will be able to embark on a journey of self-discovery and realisation, as they prepare to enter the New Year at IgNight @ Cloud Forest (#IgNightSG), a three-night interactive and experiential initiative by BRANDS® that will transform the conservatory into a kaleidoscope of light and excitement from the 29th to 31st of December 2017.


A technologically-driven showcase of creativity and innovation #IgNightSG, with its multi-touch interactivity, motion sensor technology, art installations and augmented reality experiences, promises to be a unique and exciting trek into the mysterious nocturnal world of nature for visitors to begin their New Year in a fun and meaningful way.

The marriage of digital connectivity and live interactions, packed with exciting social media shareable story telling opportunities and audio-visual experiences begins with the downloading of the IgNight app on Apple app store or Google. You can simply search for IgNight when the app is launched later this month. This transforms mobile devices into multi-media guides that will orientate visitors through their personal journeys of self-discovery according to their hidden auras that are based on 12 famous personalities, namely Marco Polo, Mother Theresa, Mohammad Ali, Ghandi, Steve Jobs, Genghis Khan, Joe Public, Spartacus, Charlie Chaplin, Helen of Troy, Confucius and Walt Disney.

Encountering experiential activations throughout their journey at Cloud Forest according to their specific auras, visitors not only unveil personality traits that define their thoughts, feelings and behaviours, but also personal flaws and inhibitions that may be holding them back. Continued navigation and further personal discovery through interactive engagements leads to self-realisation that they have what it takes to be better versions of themselves.

Admission charges to Cloud Forest apply.


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