Coding Classes for kids in Singapore

Coding Classes for kids in Singapore

Coding for Kids - Coding Classes for Kids in Singapore, specially designed for kids ages 6-18. 


Coding for Kids course increases logical thinking and helps to grow brain faster.

In this session, your kids will learn 

  • The concept of coding is with the graphical user interface. 
  • Game development using block-based coding.
  • A kid will learn Advance Game Development, Mobile App Development, and Design Digital Art for games.
  • A Kid will start writing actual Python Langauge code to develop a program. Step by Step moving ahead!
  • We will teach WordPress, HTML, and CSS Coding to Kid at this level. A kid will be having his/her own Website.

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Image Credit: Inspigenius Education Center


26–30 September, See the website for the opening hours.




Coding Classes for kids in Singapore: 480 SGD

Telephone number

+65 8488 4422



International Plaza 26-08A Anson Rd, Singapore