TickiKid's Guide: Top English Classes

Published 04 February 2024 at 10:25

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TickiKid's Guide: Top English Classes

In today's interconnected world, English has become more than just a language; it's a gateway to opportunities and a key to global communication. Parents play a pivotal role in shaping children's educational path, and investing in their English language skills opens doors to a myriad of possibilities. English proficiency not only enhances academic performance but also cultivates critical thinking, creativity, and effective communication. Fluent English empowers your children to express themselves confidently, fostering a sense of self-assurance that will prove invaluable in every aspect of their lives.

In this guide, TickiKids will delve into the top English classes available, providing insights into programs that go beyond conventional learning. These classes are designed to make the journey enjoyable, interactive, and tailored to each child's unique learning style. Join us in embracing the importance of English education for your children! Together, let's pave the way for a future where language is not a barrier but a bridge to success. Don't forget to check out our other selection of proven language courses and classes!

Children can also enhance their vocabulary and improve their listening and reading abilities in the comfort of your home! We've curated a selection of 12 fantastic YouTube channels for learning English. Teaching your kids English at home becomes much simpler when you have a wealth of learning materials at your disposal!

​​British Tutors

British Tutors

​​Image credit: British Tutors

Established in 2008, British Tutors is all about giving students the edge they need in English, Maths, Sciences, Humanities and foreign languages. Their team of experienced tutors in Singapore and Hong Kong offers personalised tuition for all ages in-person and online, so students can learn from anywhere.

British Tutors have helped thousands of students excel academically, gain admission to top schools, and boost their confidence. Their teaching approach blends the best of British education, with a curriculum designed and taught by native English speakers using top-notch resources from the UK.

Understanding the importance of building strong foundations, they focus on phonics, reading comprehension, and creative writing for younger learners, while older students dive into vocabulary, literary analysis, grammar, and writing skills.

Every class is tailored to meet each student's needs. The team has developed academic assessments to provide parents and tutors with a clear understanding of a student's current level.

Preparing for school entrance exams? British Tutors has got you covered with preparation for exams like UKiset, CAT4, 11+, and 13+, as well as GCSEs, iGCSEs, ISEB, A Levels, and IB. Their goal is to give your child the best chance at getting into a UK school or university, from selecting the right school to acing the interviews and tests. And even after acceptance, British Tutors are there to help with the transition to the new school.

As a special offer for TickiKids readers, connect with their experts in Singapore or London for a free 20-minute consultancy session. Whether you have questions about British school entry, international school admission in Singapore, or anything else related to tutoring, they're here to help!

Contact: info@britishtutors.com

+65 83447281, WhatsApp


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Lil' but Mighty

Lil' but Mighty

Image credit: Lil' but Mighty

Lil' but Mighty is a boutique learning centre that focuses on teaching English to school children in Primary 1-6 and Secondary 1-4. They use distinctive methods like the Learn, Share, Replay strategy and a step-by-step teaching approach to prepare children not only for academic success in English assessments but also to help them use English confidently in everyday life.

In addition to their regular on-site and online classes, Lil' but Mighty provides a variety of resources to enhance your child's English learning. They offer targeted workshops focusing on specific aspects of the English language, as well as self-paced online courses that your child can complete at their own speed, right from the comfort of home. Moreover, all the content on Lil' but Mighty's YouTube channel and blog is accessible to everyone at no cost!

Their Junior Teacher Segment focuses on developing 21st-century soft skills, including presentation skills, confidence, resilience, empathy, respect, and fostering a growth mindset. They specialise in the PSLE English subject with a strong emphasis on grammar and adopt a skills-based approach towards learning. The classes maintain a small size, capped at a maximum of six students, ensuring personalised attention and effective learning.

A systematic, bite-sized teaching approach also makes complex concepts more manageable for school children. Each week, kids receive beautifully designed worksheets featuring meaningful extension activities on the cover, providing additional engagement and reinforcement of the learned material. To further enhance the learning experience, Lil' but Mighty incorporates interactive elements at their centre. These include the Star Junior Teacher Mirror, Fry-Yay Wall, and Neon Lights, all aimed at fostering a positive and enjoyable perception of the English language – truly making learning English an enriching and happy experience for young students.

Crafted with well-defined learning objectives and a focus on actively engaging children, the curriculum aims to deliver excellence in our Primary English Tuition Programmes. At Lil' but Mighty, they prioritise placing the child's interests at the core of their approach, ensuring that they go the extra mile for every child who enters their doors!

Number of sessions: Weekly

Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours

Fee: $85 per session (before GST)

Contact: enquiries@lilbutmightyenglish.com

+9646 0930


  • Lil’ but Mighty Clementi: Block 432 Clementi Avenue 3, #01-282, Singapore 120432;
  • Lil’ but Mighty Bukit Timah: 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #B2-02 Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, Singapore 588179;
  • Lil’ but Mighty Hougang: Block 211 Hougang Street 21, #01-305 (Back entrance), Singapore 530211;
  • Lil’ but Mighty Novena: 1 Goldhill Plaza, #02-25, Singapore 308899;
  • Lil’ but Mighty Marine Parade: 1 Marine Parade, #04-05 Parkway Centre, Singapore 449408;
  • Lil’ but Mighty Tampines: 3 Tampines Central 1, #06-03 Tampines Plaza 1, Singapore 529540.


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Creative Campus

Creative Campus

Image credit: Creative Campus

Creative Campus, is an unparalleled English enrichment in Singapore, crafted to nurture academic excellence and instil a profound appreciation for the language. From Kindergarten English tuition to International Baccalaureate and General Paper tuition and enrichment, their programs are meticulously tailored to align with the dynamic demands of the current educational landscape, ensuring that English learning is both captivating and highly effective.

For a child, the optimal educational journey is one that is infused with a strong sense of self-belief, encouraging them to take pride in not only the execution of tasks but also in the overall quality of their work. This approach fosters a mindset of self-confidence, resilience, and a genuine passion for learning. And this philosophy forms the core of Creative Campus, serving as an oasis where young minds are empowered to learn with the freedom to explore and express themselves.

At Creative Campus, secret ingredients for your child's success include the expertise of a dedicated team of experienced teachers, ensuring personalised attention in small classes with a healthy teacher-student ratio. Every child's strengths and weaknesses receive individualised attention, ensuring that no child is treated as a mere faceless digit. The team includes former Lawyers & MOE-trained teachers, boasting over 25 years of invaluable experience. They don't just teach students; they cultivate critical thinking skills, emphasising English not just as a subject but as a life skill crucial for success. An in-house developed rigorous and engaging curriculum goes beyond textbooks, providing a holistic learning experience.

In the realm of English enrichment, the team of Creative Campus firmly believes in empowering children with the necessary tools and strategies to thrive in today's world of ever-increasing expectations! Register now, choosing the most convenient location, and watch your child discover and harness their full potential! 

Age: 4-18 y.o.

Contact: chalk@creativecampus.com.sg

  • +6455 3063;
  • +8850 2499, WhatsApp


  • CAMPUS ORCHARD: 545 Orchard Rd, #14-07/08 Far East Shopping Centre, Singapore 238882;
  • CAMPUS EAST: 80 Marine Parade Rd, #14-06 Parkway Parade, Singapore 44926.


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