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Tea with Breastmilk

Tea with Breastmilk

About "Tea With Breastmilk":

"Tea with Breastmilk" is latest signature event to provide support to breastfeeding mothers in their journey of nursing their children. From the newborn stage right up to toddlerhood and weaning, a breastfeeding mother goes through a myriad of experiences.

"Tea with Breastmilk" is a platform to share knowledge and generate discussions on relevant and related topics. By calling on mothers themselves to share their experience, as well as tapping on experienced counsellors or other experts in the field, this new initiative by BMSG aims to connect mothers so that they can learn from one another.

Tandem Nursing: Nursing Through Pregnancy & Beyond

Nursing one child is already an exhilarating experience in itself - what more nursing two! Many tandem nursing mothers would agree that nursing two children - a baby and an older nursling - comes with its own unique sets of challenges. Can tandem nursing be pleasurable and fulfilling? How can mothers cope with the struggles of tandem nursing?

At this late morning tea party, let's have a listen to mothers who have or are currently tandem nursing as well as to experienced BMSG counsellors, on the best practices and tips for coping with tandem nursing. If you are a mother who is living through this now, or anxious about the arrival of a younger sibling to your older nursing child, this event is for you!


  • Forum with mothers and counsellors who have tandem-nursed. Ask all your burning questions and hear from mothers the ups and downs, and the benefits of tandem nursing.
  • Babywearing Demo by Janna Ng, Soul Singapore Director & Babywearing Educator Jannah will demonstrate and talk about babywearing through pregnancy and how mums can breastfeed in their carriers. 

A lucky participant will walk away with a baby carrier sponsored by Soul Slings! 

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Credit: image of Breastfeeding Mothers' Support Group Singapore (BMSG)


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Price per pax: 5 SGD

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+65 6339 3558



3 Temasek Boulevard #02-728/729/730 Suntec City Branch Tower 4, Singapore 038983