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World Clean-Up Day 2018

World Clean-Up Day 2018

Join the global Let’s Do It! Movement. Let's clean up the world in one day!


On 15 September, millions of volunteers and partners from 150 countries will come together to rid the world of trash and clean up mismanaged waste. A powerful ‘green wave’ of clean-ups will start in New Zealand and end in Hawaii 36 hours later with millions of people working towards one goal: a cleaner world. But the Let’s Do It! Movement has never been only about cleaning up waste. It also aims to mobilise the global community to raise awareness and implement lasting changes to achieve a cleaner and healthier planet for all.

  • Save lives & cut crime

Diseases spread by waste pollution are claiming human lives all around the world; and cleaner neighbourhoods discourage criminal activity.

  • Make nature beautiful again

Let’s enjoy waste-free landscapes again – for own wellbeing, and for the global tourism industry too.

  • Protect wildlife

We can no longer ignore the viral online images of birds and marine life being suffocated by plastic pollution. We will help save millions of these wonderful creatures.

  • Strengthen communities

We’re the fastest growing civic movement of our time – building stronger communities to tackle local sustainability problems.

  • Launch a clean future

It’s not just about 15 September – World Cleanup Day aims to kick off a transition towards a more sustainable future.

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