Immerse baby and yourself into a time of water play and bonding!


Learn how to introduce your baby to water in a fun, gentle and natural way.

Specially designed for babies (6 to 36 months old). WaterTwinkle™ covers:

  • Different ways of holding baby in water
  • Movement in water
  • Breath control
  • Immersion activities
  • Floatation activities

You will learn different ways to hold and move your baby safely in the water, and take part in water play activities that promote and stimulate all-round baby development. A great way to “water-safe” your baby too!
And they will help capture these wonderful moments of your little one and you underwater so you can remember it for life!

Benefits of WaterTwinkle™:

  • Promote happy interactions and bonding in the water, enhancing relationship and communication between parent & child, which is an important foundation to all functional and emotional development.
  • Reinforcing ‘Amphibian’ Reflexes leading to natural development of voluntary arms & legs movement in the water.
  • Promotes muscular development & cardio-respiratory functions of babies.
  • Use of songs and movement of limbs, swaying & gentle rocking movements in water, contribute to cognitive as well as vestibular development of baby.
  • Overall neurological development – water offers babies a heightened multi-sensory experience involving touch, hearing, sight and to some extent taste and smell.
  • Lays good foundation for water confidence and pre-swimming skills later on.

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Image Credit: Waterfun Aquatic Centre 


Tue–Sun 09:00–18:00.




WaterTwinkle™ (Personal Coaching)/ Class size 1 : 300 SGD (30 min)
WaterTwinkle™ (Personal Coaching)/ Class size 2: 180 SGD (30 min )
WaterTwinkle™ (Personal Coaching)/ Class size 3 : 140 SGD (30 min)
WaterTwinkle™ (Group) 4 to 6: 110 SGD

Telephone number

+65 6872 4258



Waterfun Aquatic Centre Pte Ltd Singapore Polytechnic Graduates` Guild 1010 Dover Road Singapore 139658

How to get there?

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