Welcome to our Casita! 


We offer thoughtfully curated essentials and experiences that allow the remarkable child to explore the world through meaningful and joyful play.

  • The Mission:

We believe that every child is remarkable. Children’s innate sense of play should be protected and nurtured, and provided with an environment where they can thrive and be themselves, where they can choose their own interests and learn at their own pace, and where they are heard and respected.

  • The Vision:

We strive to partner with parents, educators and organizations as one community working together to preserve the essence of childhood and build strong foundations for the holistic growth of our little world changers of tomorrow.

  • Casita nurtures world changers who are:
  1. Creative and Curious Thinkers
  2. Compassionate Community Members
  3. Conscious and Caring Little Citizens of the World
  4. We advocate for a child-centered parenting and learning approach that:
  5. Respects the uniqueness of the child
  6. Invests in the overall process rather than the results
  7. Harnesses the power of children’s natural inclinations and environment in their development
  • We Value:
  1. Curiosity
  2. Respect
  3. Authenticity
  4. Character
  5. Purpose
  6. Trust


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