It's a junglein here!

Adventureland, one of the lead and most established indoor theme parks in the UAE has gone all out as it opened a new expanded facility on September 2014. Now on its 14th year as a lead entertainment player in the region, Adventureland comes out with a re-energized jungle theme ‘IT’S A JUNGLE IN HERE!’ as it features NEW, FIRST TIME THRILLS in the region such as the first MOTOCOASTER, 2- LEVEL GO KARTS, CRAZY SWING, 4- LEVEL SOFT PLAY FACILITY, among other new attractions. Only Adventureland showcases 3 roller coasters and other outdoor thrills indoors -- surely a unique family entertainment experience that’s sure to thrill young and old alike.

Kiddie rides & attractions

  • Safari Raiders: This is an enjoyable mini bumper car version of the big bumper cars, and is themed as jungle animals & characters. Kids will love to drive around in their own jungle cars, while bumping into and racing with other cars.
  • Jungle Explorers:L These cars in convoy are designed to give kids the exhilaration of driving a racecar, in the fun company of other kids their age. The Convoy race consists of cars that go around in a jungle safari inspired track.
  • Tree Hoppers: Children will laugh, giggle and scream in this ride. Passengers are lifted to a height of approximately 4 meters in the air, and then begin their vertical descent in a quick series of short drops.
  • Jungle Kids: The Jungle Kids is a four level soft play area and will occupy two (2) separate levels, to accommodate both small and bigger kids. It will carry an exciting JUNGLE theme projecting a fascinating array of jungle animals & characters with various creative play activities for chil
  • Kids' Canopy: Drop your toddlers at our play area, where they can learn and play for an unlimited time in a safe and clean area. Your kids will have a great time while you enjoy shopping or dining!

Thrill riders

  • Speed Karts: This is the FIRST INDOOR GO-KARTS in the region, built & designed to run on 2-level race tracks. This also allows the big kids to drive on a race track with controlled speeds and race against each other at the same time.
  • Power Wheel: The Power Wheel is a thrill ride towering 9 meters high with two rows of seats slowly lifting passengers in mid-air- then rotated at a dizzying 24 revolutions per minute to heighten the excitement
  • Kukulcan: A bullet-speed roller coaster ride with about 300 meters of winding multi level tracks, which go up as high as 9 meters. This electrifying ride will take you to heights and sudden drops of hair-raising sensations. A “not to be missed” thrill ride for daring adventurers.
  • Snap Traps: This exciting drop & twist ride will take kids up, around and down while seated around a giant column which holds the ride together
  • Crazy Swing: This is another thrill ride, which takes riders sideways and all around, while seated in swing-like seats. A sure-fire thriller for the bigger kids.
  • Rocket Cycles: This is the first custom-designed indoor MOTORBIKE ROLLERCOASTER in the region. Motorbikes on wheels run on elevated loops and tracks all around the park, taking riders to exhilarating thrills & excitement.

Family rides & attractions

  • Driving School: These are cars that run on tracks shaped like the figure ‘8’ that go round and round creating thrills of excitement for the kids.
  • Forest Train: Imagine a grand train traversing the whole complex through an exciting multilevel track, going up as high as four meters, and streaming through, up and down the entire center, then out the façade complex and back again. This is one sure treat for the entire family.
  • Hang Time: The Hang Time is an 8-meter brick wall innovatively built for a simulated “mountain climbing” experience. Designed with secure and evenly placed footholds, and some challenging climb routes, this “mountain” is one of the best “climbs” you’ll ever have
  • Race Arena: Big bumper cars for bigger kids, where they will enjoy crashing into other cars while racing against each other. Themed with tribal colors and light effects, this attraction will surely bring lots of fun and excitement to race car lovers.
  • Green Go Round: This double-decked grand carousel will surely appeal to the imagination of young kids, teenagers and even moms and dads. Hundreds of brilliant light illuminate sculpted images and animals, giving riders an enchanting experience.
  • Parachute: An attraction that would surely be adored by future pilots, as these colorful biplanes take young kids to fly up and down, around, clockwise and back again.


Image Credit: Adventureland

Opening hours

Mon–Wed 10:00–23:00, Thu–Sat 10:00–00:00, Sun 10:00–23:00.


Power Bundles Package: 100 AED (Plus free 2 rides + 1 games)
Power Bundles Package: 200 AED (Plus free 5 rides + 7 games)
Power Bundles Package: 300 AED (Plus free 8 rides + 7 games)
Gold Rewards Bundles Package: 200 AED (Plus free 6 rides + 8 games)
Gold Rewards Bundles Package: 300 AED (Plus free 10 rides + 8 games)
Power Bundles Package: 500 AED (Plus free 13 rides + 15 games)
Gold Rewards Bundles Package: 500 AED (Plus free 17 rides + 10 games)


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