Creya Learning & Research

Creya Learning & Research (2011), the pioneer and most awarded STEM learning and Design Studio Program inspires 50,000+ school students every day to become inventors and innovators by working on projects across diverse manipulative sets from Robotics to Engineering design to Coding to Cameras and IoT.


We are a team not just with passion, but also extensive experience in the education space and deeply invested in the 'thinking through tinkering' movement. We are what our partner school and their students are.

What do we give?

Creya XEL 2.0, our STEM Learning Program is available for class 1 to 10 and helps young students build empathy to the world around them through the Design Thinking Framework. As they work on interdisciplinary projects cutting across Math, Science, Social Studies and ICT, they connect classroom theory to solving for real-world problems. The end result is students equipped with 21 st Century Skills: Thinking Skills (Creative, Critical, Communication and Collaboration), Digital Literacies and Life Skills.

How do we do it?

With so much clutter and confusion out there, what you need is a proven, effective and complete solution that you can trust your students’ future and the school’s reputation with. For over 5+ years, schools have relied on the 3 key components of our solution: Lab equipment & Studio design supported by a well-researched Project Curriculum and the Training & Support Systems.


Image Credit: Creya Learning & Research


Opening hours

Mon–Sun 09:00–20:00.