Hamleys UAE

Step into a world where teddybears talk, fairytales come true and a child's imagination runs free at Hamleys UAE! 


Hamleys, the world’s most famous toy store from the UK is here in UAE. The World’s finest toy retailer is all set to capture the imagination of children with its wide range of toys, exclusive merchandise and magical experience. 
The Hamleys experience is an ultimate treat for the entire family. It offers a wide range of toys from much loved brands to more traditional toys and toys which have enthralled children over generations, as well as quirky and unusual treasures. This includes the Hamleys Own Brand range, renowned for exceptional quality and play value. The Hamleys experience is also not complete without its unique brand of theatre and entertainment which enthralls both children and adults alike.

Toy demonstrators and magicians, unique demos and iconic fixtures, exciting events and activities all come together to provide a magical experience. 

Welcome to experience the Hamleys Magic!


Image Credit: Hamleys UAE

Opening hours

Mon–Sun 10:00–23:00.




04 339 8889




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