Jebel Ali Village Nursery @Motor City Honsho Street

The Motor City nursery is sure to inspire and stimulate your child, with a fun and colourful car-based decor, a bright reception mini van at the entrance.


There are over 17 bright, spacious and purpose build classrooms with ensuite bathrooms, a soft play room, sports hall, library, sensory room, music room and cooking room. At the heart of the Motor City nursery is the play area with soft flooring and plenty of play equipment. In addition, there is own shaded swimming pool which can be used for swimming lessons as well as cooling off in the Dubai sunshine! Along the side of the nursery, you will find a colourful rainbow road which is always a point of interest to children.

They accept children from ages 4 months to 4 years old, with various different class types to suit the age range of your child. The professional and dedicated staff are hand chosen for their broad understanding of how to deliver your little ones a developmentally appropriate curriculum. The wide variety of resources for children from 4 months to 4 years old help your child to learn, develop and grow. Nursery takes pride in the ethos of 'hands on learning' and apply this to all of the activities, ensuring that each child is learning for themselves at their own pace
There is also an open-door policy at the nursery which enables parents to come visit us anytime that is convenient for them. Pop in for a visit or contact us to arrange a specific date and time.


Image Credit: Jebel Ali Village Nursery


+971 04 422 1415



Honsho Street, Motor city

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