Step By Step Nursery Mirdif

British EYFS Nursery in the heart of Mirdif


  • One of very few UAE nurseries to be certified by the British Preschool Learning Alliance 
  • Over 18 years of providing quality Early Years Education in the UAE
  • A qualified and dedicated team who is committed to ensuring children are ready for school 
  • Continuous training and development of the staff to remain a market leader in Early Years Education 
  • Open from 7 am - 6 pm for the convenience of working Moms
  • Flexibility for working parents from timings to payments and transport options 
  • Providing your child with a loving and caring environment 
  • Fun-filled days of active learning, inspired by international Early Years standards 
  • Weekly sessions with specialists, such as Music & Movement and our Language Program, included in our fees 
  • Dedicated Baby & Toddler Unit with specialised staff
  • A strong focus on Health & Safety with an in-house clinic and nurse on the premises from 7.30 – 6 pm daily. We have strict hygiene standards which support our Infection Control Policy.
  • Open Door Policy and regular communication with parents
  • Facilities to support all 7 areas of EYFS Learning and Development 

A place to learn, grow and succeed

Step By Step Nursery (Formerly Learning Land Nursery) provides a nurturing environment where children can explore, interact and grow to love nature. The nursery's play equipment is designed to match the different stages in your child’s development using many different textures, heights and structures to help in their learning and understanding of the world around them.

  • A bright and stimulating outdoor area with climbing frames, a water play area, sensory garden and sand areas for daily outdoor activities.
  • A vibrant and dynamic indoor environment with bright, spacious classrooms, a library and indoor gym and soft play area for weekly Music Movement sessions.
  • A role-play room in which children are exposed to activities that foster creativity and imagination.
  • A dedicated baby and toddler unit with age-appropriate equipment and specialised staff.

Activities that Inspire

Step By Step Nursery (Formerly Learning Land Nursery) focuses on a balance of activities that contribute to your child’s growth and essential skills. By combining activities, both indoor and outdoor, your child will learn language, communication, problem-solving and numeracy and build confidence and skills to meet the challenges of the future. The nursery aims to build creativity and imagination in kids activities as they learn about the environment, time, nature and different cultures to develop an understanding of the world around them. This includes role-play, cookery, sensory play, group activities, arts & crafts, song and dance, science and so much more to get your child ready for school.

Staff who care

The nursery's enthusiastic and professional team of educators have been chosen for their ability and commitment to care for and nurture young children. Its teachers are fully qualified, experienced and extremely passionate about early childhood development.

Partnership with parents 

Children don’t join us, families do.  Research has proven that when parents and Educators partner together in a child’s early years, the collaboration has a positive impact on the child’s learning and development. A successful partnership with parents is based on the exchange of information, knowledge and expertise. The nursery encourages and values input and participation in its life through regular communication with parents and various activities and events held throughout the year.


Image Credit: Step By Step Nursery (Formerly Learning Land Nursery)

Opening hours

Mon–Thu 07:30–18:00, Sun 07:30–18:00.




+971 4 454 2082



Step By Step Nursery, Shorooq, Dubai

How to get there?

Enter from gate 2, take a left from the first roundabout, a left from the second roundabout and a left at the T-junction. Step By Step Nursery will be on your right.