Chef Cooked Meals

Chef Cooked Meals

But what if we told you that Qiso Café can bring our dining experience to your own homes?


The new addition to our services, Chef Cooked Meals, allows us to not only replicate the experience of dining out but also encourages the families to be our partner in preparing their meal. Yes! you get to be our sous-chef!

So how does it work? Qiso Café has prepared a menu from which you can choose a meal. We prepare your meals only enough to make sure you finish cooking in 15 minutes in the comforts of your own kitchen. This then avoids having to deliver cold food and encourages families to take part in the food preparation as a family activity. Apart from food you also get to select a beverage and dessert. If you get stuck you can also organize a zoom call with our Chef.

We, then, bring the pre-cooked meal to your doorstep, whilst following a contact-less delivery procedure. But wait, we not only send you the meal but we also help you set the scene too. We provide you with décor essentials such as Qiso-inspired table mats, cutlery and candlestick. For the final touch, we have also sorted your music playlist that comes on your WhatsApp.

Chef Cooked Meals aim to be both fun and personal. Take part now and be a restaurateur!

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