Additional hands on Birthday Activity by Rock It Science

Additional hands on Birthday Activity by Rock It Science

If you would like the children to have another ‘hands on’ activity and extend your party time by 15 minutes then you can choose from one from the list below:


Additional hands on activity (set cost of 250dhs)

  • wacky worms (children mix chemicals to make long jelly like worms)
  • lava lamps (children make their own lava lamp with oil and food colouring)
  • slippery slime (children make their own slime to take home with them)
  • Cartesian diver (children make a diver in a bottle which can sink or float)
  • Rock it Science Professor’s kit (cost of 100dhs)

Why not buy your son or daughter their own Rock it Science Professor’s kit which includes their very own lab coat, safety glasses and experiments book?  All the fun Science activities in this book use household materials so they are easy to set up and have a go!  A great way for the Science to continue after the party ends and extend their curiosity for the world around them.

In addition 5% VAT will be charged on this cost in accordance with the Federal Tax Authority regulations



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