Yadawei Ceramic Studio and Gallery

Yadawei Ceramic Studio and Gallery

In the hands of a potter anything is possible!


Yadawei: handmade, handcrafted, created by people who appreciate the time and effort that goes into making something truly unique. It is an open access studio for pottery and ceramic art. It is also an art gallery for exhibitions and events. 

Creativity can strike at anytime, not just during a once a week class, which is why Yadawei is the only open access pottery studio in the Gulf. Here you can work freely, without restrictions, at a time that suits you.Not only is Yadawei the perfect place to grow your pottery talent and share your artwork, it’s also a great place to get away from the rat race and take time to focus, de-stress and make some unforgettable memories.

The memberships are designed for all pottery artists. From enthusiasts with a basic knowledge of working with clay to expert craftsmen, everyone is welcome.
Yadawei members become part of a creative community, and in the studio you get the chance to work independently in your own space, and at your own time. And just in case you are a little unsure or out of practice, theskilled artists  of the studio are always at hand to offer guidance and assistance.

Opening hours

Mon–Wed 10:00–21:00, Thu–Sat 10:00–19:00.


Credit: Images of Yadawei Ceramic Studio and Gallery


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Yadawei Ceramic Studio, 8th Street, Al Quoz, Dubai