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Pottery for Beginners

Pottery for Beginners

Beginner students will learn the basics of throwing very quickly because of theoretical approach.


As students develop their skills they can work with on design idea and more and decoration of pottery surfaces. Participants learn the basics of wheel throwing techniques for creating pottery.

These sessions will introduce you to centering, pulling, trimming and shaping clay on the wheel. You will also learn how to use different tools, how to prepare your clay, tips on structure and design. Participants will learn how trim their pottery and create basic and advanced forms.


Credit: image of Yadawei Ceramics Studio




Trial Session: 200 AED
4 Sessions: 420 AED
6 Sessions: 1020 AED
10 Sessions: 1600 AED
Clay per bag: 110 AED

Telephone number

+971 4 3791312



Yadawei Ceramic Studio, 8th Street, Al Quoz, Dubai