Pleasant flights for kids: The top family-friendly airlines

Published 11 January 2024 at 15:00

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Pleasant flights for kids: The top family-friendly airlines


Kid-Friendly airlines

Singapore Airlines and Air Canada stand out for their extremely friendly and attentive staff, an essential factor for parents traveling with little ones. These companies not only ensure a comfortable flight but also a memorable experience for all ages.

When it comes to rights and facilities on board, most airlines provide special measures to ensure the comfort of children and parents. For example, they allow parents to sit with their children at no extra cost and offer the possibility to serve milk, fruit juice, water, and food for the little ones. Additionally, some companies, like Emirates, even provide child seats for long-haul flights and special cots for babies, making the journey a comfortable adventure for the whole family.

It's not just about comfort during the flight but also about preparation for it. Hand luggage and hold baggage for children up to 2 years old vary depending on the airline. For children over 2 years old, baggage conditions are similar to those of adults. This aspect is important for families, who often travel with lots of luggage to meet the needs of their little ones.

With kids on board: Services and tips

When it comes to air travel, parents know how important it is to be prepared for any eventuality, especially when accompanied by children. In this context, airlines play a significant role in making the journey as comfortable as possible for all involved.

According to EU Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004 on air passenger rights, even the smallest passengers, including newborns, are eligible for compensation in case of flight delays or cancellations, provided that each ticket is purchased separately. This legal provision, as highlighted on the AirClaim website, ensures that children's rights are fully respected, regardless of the situation.

Among the airlines that stand out for their services offered to children are Pegasus Airlines, Vueling Airlines, Eurowings, Tarom, Aegean Airlines, Air Moldova, and Air France. Each company has its own policies and services dedicated, adapted according to the age and needs of children. For example, Pegasus Airlines requires that all children aged 3 to 7 be accompanied by a responsible adult. On the other hand, minors between 7 and 13 years old can travel unaccompanied on domestic flights, under certain safety conditions.

Airlines with special services for children


A crucial aspect in choosing an airline is how it caters to children traveling alone. Companies like Air France allow minors from the age of 5 to travel unaccompanied. At check-in, they receive a special badge for identification, and during the flight, they benefit from careful supervision by the flight crew.

Although services vary from one company to another, parents need to know that there is a wide range of options available to ensure a pleasant and safe journey for their children. Whether it's a domestic or international flight, parents can choose the airline that best suits their family's needs.

It's important for parents to be informed about the specific policies of each airline regarding the age at which children can travel unaccompanied, the services available to them, and procedures for flights with minors. For example, some companies may offer special assistance for children, including adapted meals, in-flight entertainment, and activity kits.

Traveling with children can be a pleasant and stress-free experience when parents are well-informed and choose the right airline. Whether planning a family trip or sending a child on a journey alone, there are numerous options to ensure the comfort and safety of the little ones.

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