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Hong Kong’s parks and gardens give you a unique opportunity to get closer to nature. There is everything that one can wish for, from settling in for some quiet time, spotting the wildlife and seeing glorious views to hiking, running about and flying a kite with your kids, having a great family day out.

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  • 10 Ultimate Things to Do with Kids in the Run-up to Christmas

    10 Ultimate Things to Do with Kids in the Run-up to Christmas

    It’s officially December and Christmas creeps up ever closer. It means you are now most probably getting excited about family holiday activities over the festive period. Whether you opt for a Christmas performance, family brunch in a restaurant or atmospheric Christmas markets, here is our selection of fun and festive ideas for what to do with kids in Hong Kong during December.

  • TickiKids' Educational Guide: Top preschools in Hong Kong

    TickiKids' Educational Guide: Top preschools in Hong Kong

    Choosing the right preschool for your child can be a daunting and tad stressful task for most parents living in a big city like Hong Kong. However, it will be well worth the investment of time and energy in the long run. Receiving a good preschool education is vital during a child's formative years, as children in this tender age group absorb and achieve more than at any other stage in their school life. This crucial first step on the educational road fosters an interest, enthusiasm and confidence that has every chance of persisting through their subsequent time in school. At TickiKids, we pride ourselves on our understanding of the things that really matter to parents when it comes to childcare and preschool education. You want your child to be happy, confident, challenged and able to reach his/her potential physically, socially, emotionally and, sure enough, academically, before moving on to the next school. Fret not, because we have done the hard work for you. For our educational guide, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the top preschools and daycare options in Hong Kong.

  • Rent-A-Mum: Your Solution to Finding the Perfect Nanny in Hong Kong

    Rent-A-Mum: Your Solution to Finding the Perfect Nanny in Hong Kong

    As a working parent, balancing a job, household responsibilities, and caring for your bundle of joy can be challenging. There are only so many hours in the day, and sometimes it feels like there is not enough time to get everything done and provide your little one with the attention and care they need to thrive. That is why finding your perfect nanny can be a game-changer!

  • The Best Martial Arts Classes for Kids & Teens in Hong Kong

    The Best Martial Arts Classes for Kids & Teens in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong is a bustling city that is in an abundance of activities for children and teenagers. While some children enjoy playing sports, learning to code or engaging in creative arts, others may be interested in learning something that combines both physical skills and mental development. That said, there is no surprise that martial arts classes are increasingly popular among youngsters. With numerous martial arts styles and schools available, selecting the perfect martial classes for your little one is not an easy task. TickiKids has dived into the vast variety of martial arts classes available for kids and teens in Hong Kong and here are our top picks.

  • Little Style Icons: Colourful World of Kidswear and Accessories in Hong Kong

    Little Style Icons: Colourful World of Kidswear and Accessories in Hong Kong

    Kids grow up in the blink of an eye, so no wonder that it is challenging for parents to keep up with children’s constantly evolving and changing needs when it comes to clothing. Luckily, Hong Kong offers a variety of options for parents looking to dress their little ones in both style and comfort. TickiKids has done some digging and selected top boutiques with the most fashionable, comfortable clothing brands and designs for every occasion. So, keep reading and explore the colourful world of kidswear and accessories in Hong Kong, with options ranging from soft fabrics for newborns to breathable outfits for active toddlers to classic pieces and trendy designs.

  • Ultimate Guide to After-School Activities for Kids in Hong Kong

    Ultimate Guide to After-School Activities for Kids in Hong Kong

    After-school activities are extremely beneficial to a child's growth and development. Linked to improved social and cognitive skills, those activities do wonders to children’s self-esteem and creativity. Looking for the best after-school activities in Honk Kong? Whether your kids want to chill out or burn some energy, in TickiKids’s ultimate guide there is an after-school activity for everyone.

  • A Foodies' Guide to Hong Kong's Best Bakeries

    A Foodies' Guide to Hong Kong's Best Bakeries

    Showstopper desserts are key when composing a menu for a special occasion. If a birthday party or another event is high on the agenda where a cake really is an important meal of the day, then we're keen to help you find a mouth-watering one. Follow your nose to one of these bakeries, because we know it's going to be good.

  • Am I doing enough?

    Am I doing enough?

    Has this question ever bothered you? If it has, you are not alone. Working with women clients, I find this question nagging every woman irrespective of what age or stage of life she might be. Whether she is a C-suite executive or a stay-at-home mom, keeps us all ruminating.

  • The Shops for Babies and Mums-to-Be in Hong Kong All Parents Will Love

    The Shops for Babies and Mums-to-Be in Hong Kong All Parents Will Love

    A sensible approach to the new addition to the family can save you from the piles of needless baby stuff. And the choice of the shop for babies and future parents is crucial, as this place can save you lots of time and money. Our experts handpicked top shops that offer essential and high-quality goods for your beloved ones.

  • Choosing a Career in Unpredictable Times

    Choosing a Career in Unpredictable Times

    There was a time, not so long ago, when there would be only a handful of premium careers to choose from if one was serious about doing “well” in life. Engineering, Medicine, Law, or Chartered Accountancy. With a little bit of variation, that list would be it for most families. Students would undergo months of tutoring so that they could get into their choice of course and college. The idea behind selecting these careers was to give them lifetime job security and hence, a secure future. But today the higher education scenario has changed.

  • How to be a “Lazy” Parent

    How to be a “Lazy” Parent

    As they say, children don’t come up with instruction manuals. And what that means is we parents end up spending energy on musing, ‘Am I doing enough?’ This thought becomes even more accentuated when both the parents are working. In the process of getting rid of the guilt, we end up doing more for the child that is required. This, in the process, becomes counterproductive, and the child ends up being labelled by the society as an overprotected spoiled brat. And again, the parents take the brunt. So, after spending energy on worrying about not becoming a good parent, we end up being judged as so. Where to go … what to do?!

  • Must know strategy to deal with Tantrums

    Must know strategy to deal with Tantrums

    Tantrum: an uncontrolled outburst of anger or frustration in a young child or like in a young child.Children of any age can throw a tantrum. A tantrum leaves most parents agitated and lost on how to reconnect with their child. The situation can become even worse if it takes place in a social setting, causing embarrassment to join the mix of emotions for both the parent and the child.Tantrums stem from built-up emotions coming out over a seemingly small issue. You may find your child with a closet overflowing with clothes in tears because they “have nothing to wear.” You may find your toddler crying that they’ve lost their Lego figurine, complaining about how they lose everything they love, and you as a parent never help to find it.

  • The Effortless Learning Mindset

    The Effortless Learning Mindset

    We all have had situations when we had setbacks. During those times we do feel like we do not have it in us, and the first reaction is to just quit. We want things to come easy and effortlessly for us. We feel we are inherently special. We love the idea of being that gifted person who can do things without any effort. It guarantees a lifetime of success and admiration, doesn't it? And compare that with having to work hard every day even for little gains in skills. The choice is pretty easy to make, isn’t it? In fact – not.

  • Parenting Mistakes We Make

    Parenting Mistakes We Make

    Remember when they were tiny tots and were struggling to wear their clothes or tie their shoelaces? When we parents are not in a rush, it is a delight to watch them master a thing that is so simple for us that we don’t even give a conscious thought. The same adorable act becomes a bit of an irritant when we are in a rush to get things done by a certain time so that it can fit into our schedule. From getting ready for school in the morning to writing a statement of purpose for college applications, when we run out of patience and time, we get frustrated and end up doing it for them. We tell ourselves we are helping them, but we are doing much more than that. When we do things for them unintentionally, we are sending silent signals to them.

  • The best and most idyllic beaches in Hong Kong for the whole family

    The best and most idyllic beaches in Hong Kong for the whole family

    What is a dream holiday without the sea? Thousands of sun worshippers, beach lovers and children flock to Hong Kong's family-friendly seashores in August and September to soak up the sunshine and enjoy the last remnants of summer. Whether you are planning a family leisurely weekend or a city escape, discover TickiKids’ round-up of the best government-maintained beaches in Hong Kong for a great day out.

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