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Hong Kong’s parks and gardens give you a unique opportunity to get closer to nature. There is everything that one can wish for, from settling in for some quiet time, spotting the wildlife and seeing glorious views to hiking, running about and flying a kite with your kids, having a great family day out.

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  • Reserve a Place at the Upcoming Virtual Open Day and Bilingual Taster Sessions at Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong

    Reserve a Place at the Upcoming Virtual Open Day and Bilingual Taster Sessions at Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong

    If well-directed education and the future of your child is at stake, it pays to choose a pre-school with great care. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the family of Malvern schools invariably appears at the top of educational guides in the UK, Hong Kong, Qingdao, Chengdu and Egypt since its foundation in Malvern, UK in 1865. Malvern College opened its first overseas school, Malvern College Qingdao, in September 2012 closely followed by Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong in 2017 and Malvern College Hong Kong in 2018. This is a school wholeheartedly committed to providing a holistic education encompassing global understanding, critical thinking, leadership and teamwork. While the results are fantastic, Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong offers a multitude of opportunities to see the school in action during the forthcoming free-of-charge Bilingual Virtual Taster Sessions and Online Open Day.

  • A Foodies' Guide to Hong Kong's Best Bakeries

    A Foodies' Guide to Hong Kong's Best Bakeries

    Showstopper desserts are key when composing a menu for a special occasion. If a birthday party or another event is high on the agenda where a cake really is an important meal of the day, then we're keen to help you find a mouth-watering one. Follow your nose to one of these bakeries, because we know it's going to be good.

  • SMART Goal Setting For Teens

    SMART Goal Setting For Teens

    In a competitive world we want to be all-rounders. We want to be able to do everything to the best of our abilities. If that is what we want, then where do we go wrong? Everyone has the same number of hours in a day. Then how is it that some people end up getting more out of their days and years than the others? While it's wrong to compare ourselves with others, if we admire someone’s qualities, it's good to learn from them to improve. As they say, we learn from each other and grow together.

  • Top Online Courses for the Young in Hong Kong. Part 2

    Top Online Courses for the Young in Hong Kong. Part 2

    In today’s particularly fast-paced world, online programmes have taken a significant hit and every day Hong Kong seems to bring a major new children's virtual workshops, summer holiday courses and camps. So if you want the up-to-the-minute updates and information crucial for your child for this summer season, now is the time to read the article, as TickiKids has brought our readers the second part of the top online programmes.

  • The best and most idyllic beaches in Hong Kong for the whole family

    The best and most idyllic beaches in Hong Kong for the whole family

    What is a dream holiday without the sea? Thousands of sun worshippers, beach lovers and children flock to Hong Kong's family-friendly seashores in August and September to soak up the sunshine and enjoy the last remnants of summer. Whether you are planning a family leisurely weekend or a city escape, discover TickiKids’ round-up of the best government-maintained beaches in Hong Kong for a great day out.

  • Great Online Courses for the Young in Hong Kong

    Great Online Courses for the Young in Hong Kong

    COVID-19 changes our plans with lightning speed. Schools close, classes are on hold because of the coronavirus pandemic. But, before your kids start to celebrate this education-free time, there is no need to worry, parents! TickiKids has got your backs!This isolation period is the window of opportunity to spend time on the disciplines that your kid likes or wants to improve. So, before digging into the textbooks with your kid, consider online courses that will occupy your child for a couple of hours and save some free time for you. We have selected the most interesting and entertaining online courses that turn studies into fun and catching pastime. Take full advantage of this ‘mandatory leave’ as it is the perfect possibility to learn something useful from the comfort of your home!

  • Parenting Mistakes We Make

    Parenting Mistakes We Make

    Remember when they were tiny tots and were struggling to wear their clothes or tie their shoelaces? When we parents are not in a rush, it is a delight to watch them master a thing that is so simple for us that we don’t even give a conscious thought. The same adorable act becomes a bit of an irritant when we are in a rush to get things done by a certain time so that it can fit into our schedule. From getting ready for school in the morning to writing a statement of purpose for college applications, when we run out of patience and time, we get frustrated and end up doing it for them. We tell ourselves we are helping them, but we are doing much more than that. When we do things for them unintentionally, we are sending silent signals to them.

  • Fun Family Activities to Pass the Time While Social Distancing

    Fun Family Activities to Pass the Time While Social Distancing

    These are worrying times for all of us and all areas of Hong Kong society are facing huge difficulties as they adapt to the consequences of the coronavirus crisis. Schools, play centres and theatres are being forced to close, festivals, fairs and other cultural events have been cancelled, regular school holiday camps have been put on hold. But there are plenty of fun ways to pass the time as a family without leaving the house. In light of this global pandemic, we've selected an outstanding range of fun things to do with kids, where you can find everything to remain entertained, happy and united  during these difficult and uncertain times.

  • 5 Ways to Help Kids Socialise in a Time of Social Distancing

    5 Ways to Help Kids Socialise in a Time of Social Distancing

    “I don’t know how we are going to do this. I have taken the next 3 days off. But after that, with both me and my wife working from home and kids having nothing to do, nowhere to go. I don’t know how we are going to manage. The problem is, we don’t even know how long social distancing needs to continue. The kids can’t go to their friends’ house, they can’t go to the park, what do they do?” said my exasperated brother who lives in Canada. My call with him prompted me to write this article. 

  • Self-Doubt in Children

    Self-Doubt in Children

    “Everyone is always getting better grades than me in class. I never do anything better than others.”“She is so much better than me in everything. I don’t think she considers me to be her friend. She is just being nice to me.”“I think people talk behind my back. I think they don’t like me. I don’t have any friends in school.”The above statements are all from real life, expressed by my teen clients during coaching sessions. There is a common thread that binds them all. Each statement is negative, disempowering, based on the opinion of themselves. One can sense the underlying theme of “I am not good enough and I don’t think I can do anything about it.” This feeling of “not good enough” is the root cause of unhappiness and frustration. It leads us to believe we are unimportant and worthless. This, in turn, holds us back from truly attaining our highest potential. One needs to be especially cautious of this feeling of self-doubt lingering in teenagers. 

  • Parenting Shy Kids with Fixed or Growth Mindset?

    Parenting Shy Kids with Fixed or Growth Mindset?

    “I am fine when I am with someone I know. I can chat away for hours together on any subject that comes up. When it comes to talking to someone I don’t know, that’s when I am tongue-tied. It is worse when I am in a group setting. It’s like a cat runs away with my tongue! I lose all my speaking and connecting abilities. Almost like someone has put a spell on me.” A sentiment I come across with so many teen clients of mine. And each one of them is talented and confident in their way.Anyone who has ever felt shy in a situation or has been a shy person, knows very well what goes on in the mind, body, and intellect of the person. The mind is full of anxiety. The body is tense with heart racing faster than the fastest Formula 1 car. Intellect, the reasoning centre, tells you, everyone out there is there to judge you and to laugh at you. Scientifically, the brain goes into a “fight or flight” mode.

  • Terrible Teens?

    Terrible Teens?

    When my delightful, well-behaved daughter hit her teen years, her defiant, impulsive and irrational behavior, left me and my husband zapped and lost. Each situation was a battle and each day was a war. We had no idea what had hit her. We were the same parents, doing what we had always been doing. What had gone wrong and more importantly, where we had gone wrong? One thing we were sure of was, this is not how we would like things to continue. It led me to do read and research on what psychologists had to say about the teenage brain right from the beginning of the psychology like G Stanley Hall to present-day thought leaders like Dr. Dan Siegel. When I started coaching teens and parents, this one question I have seen come up again and again from parents “My child was not like this. What happened?”

  • How to be a “Lazy” Parent

    How to be a “Lazy” Parent

    As they say, children don’t come up with instruction manuals. And what that means is we parents end up spending energy on musing, ‘Am I doing enough?’ This thought becomes even more accentuated when both the parents are working. In the process of getting rid of the guilt, we end up doing more for the child that is required. This, in the process, becomes counterproductive, and the child ends up being labelled by the society as an overprotected spoiled brat. And again, the parents take the brunt. So, after spending energy on worrying about not becoming a good parent, we end up being judged as so. Where to go … what to do?!

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