Whether you are looking to encourage more unplugged enjoyment for your kids or whether they are just obsessed with play parks, the best children's playgrounds in Hong Kong will give your children free rein to burn off steam, as our extensive range of options is about to prove.

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  • 5 Ways to Help Kids Socialise in a Time of Social Distancing

    5 Ways to Help Kids Socialise in a Time of Social Distancing

    “I don’t know how we are going to do this. I have taken the next 3 days off. But after that, with both me and my wife working from home and kids having nothing to do, nowhere to go. I don’t know how we are going to manage. The problem is, we don’t even know how long social distancing needs to continue. The kids can’t go to their friends’ house, they can’t go to the park, what do they do?” said my exasperated brother who lives in Canada. My call with him prompted me to write this article. 

  • Great Online Courses for the young in Hong Kong

    Great Online Courses for the young in Hong Kong

    COVID-19 changes our plans with lightning speed. Schools close, classes are on hold because of the coronavirus pandemic. But, before your kids start to celebrate this education-free time, there is no need to worry, parents! TickiKids has got your backs!This isolation period is the window of opportunity to spend time on the disciplines that your kid likes or wants to improve. So, before digging into the textbooks with your kid, consider online courses that will occupy your child for a couple of hours and save some free time for you. We have selected the most interesting and entertaining online courses that turn studies into fun and catching pastime. Take full advantage of this ‘mandatory leave’ as it is the perfect possibility to learn something useful from the comfort of your home!

  • Best Movies to Keep Kids Engaged While Staying at Home

    Best Movies to Keep Kids Engaged While Staying at Home

    Сinema has given us thousands of indelible that entertain and stimulate children. We all grew up with classics that have stuck with us: for some it was Pixar; others were weaned on the classics of Disney animation or Studio Ghibli's fantastical otherworlds.TickiKids selected the best movies to keep kids engaged while staying at home. Watch it and enjoy it! 

  • TickiKids reveals Hong Kong's Best Easter Holiday Camps in 2020

    TickiKids reveals Hong Kong's Best Easter Holiday Camps in 2020

    Good news, Easter school holidays are around the corner. We know how hard it can be to keep up with highly-rated children's holiday programmes while you're battling through the working days. That's why we have done the hard work for you and handpicked a selection of Hong Kong's best Easter holiday camps in 2020. From art & design portfolio development, STEM programming courses to theatre, photography and filmmaking camps you’ll enjoy a clear, trustworthy and well-rounded overview of our readers' top picks of this spring.

  • Coping with Children's Anxiety about the Coronavirus Outbreak

    Coping with Children's Anxiety about the Coronavirus Outbreak

    As you can see, our current situation has all the factors that make a person stressful. Most of the parents I have talked to are stressed out themselves. One parent I was talking to even mentioned that sometimes she gets flashes of images from the movie Doomsday. If the current situation is doing this to us adults, just imagine what might be going on in a teen’s mind.

  • The Best Music Classes for Kids and Teens in Hong Kong

    The Best Music Classes for Kids and Teens in Hong Kong

    We know how tricky it can be to choose the right school or tutor that provides the highest quality music education for their students, especially when you're a parent who works through your daily routine. That's why we've taken the time to handpick a selection of the most reputable music schools and independent music classes in Hong Kong.

  • Self-Doubt in Children

    Self-Doubt in Children

    “Everyone is always getting better grades than me in class. I never do anything better than others.”“She is so much better than me in everything. I don’t think she considers me to be her friend. She is just being nice to me.”“I think people talk behind my back. I think they don’t like me. I don’t have any friends in school.”The above statements are all from real life, expressed by my teen clients during coaching sessions. There is a common thread that binds them all. Each statement is negative, disempowering, based on the opinion of themselves. One can sense the underlying theme of “I am not good enough and I don’t think I can do anything about it.” This feeling of “not good enough” is the root cause of unhappiness and frustration. It leads us to believe we are unimportant and worthless. This, in turn, holds us back from truly attaining our highest potential. One needs to be especially cautious of this feeling of self-doubt lingering in teenagers. 

  • Parenting Shy Kids with Fixed or Growth Mindset?

    Parenting Shy Kids with Fixed or Growth Mindset?

    “I am fine when I am with someone I know. I can chat away for hours together on any subject that comes up. When it comes to talking to someone I don’t know, that’s when I am tongue-tied. It is worse when I am in a group setting. It’s like a cat runs away with my tongue! I lose all my speaking and connecting abilities. Almost like someone has put a spell on me.” A sentiment I come across with so many teen clients of mine. And each one of them is talented and confident in their way.Anyone who has ever felt shy in a situation or has been a shy person, knows very well what goes on in the mind, body, and intellect of the person. The mind is full of anxiety. The body is tense with heart racing faster than the fastest Formula 1 car. Intellect, the reasoning centre, tells you, everyone out there is there to judge you and to laugh at you. Scientifically, the brain goes into a “fight or flight” mode.

  • The Most Imaginative Gifts to Excite Your Kids

    The Most Imaginative Gifts to Excite Your Kids

    Looking for a gift for a child who already has everything? Not sure where to start with your gift shopping for your own kids, their classmates, your nieces or nephews? Don't despair! You will be spoilt for choice with our selection of original items all available to buy online or in stores across Hong Kong. These unique children’s presents will incentivise them to be on their best behaviour from now on. From balance bikes and road track sets to tactical board games, a space and planetarium projector, 3D pens and app-enabled robots, we've rounded up the most marvellously imaginative, kid-approved gifts for everybody from babies to teenagers.

  • 10 Ultimate Things to Do with Kids in the Run-up to Christmas

    10 Ultimate Things to Do with Kids in the Run-up to Christmas

    It’s officially December and Christmas creeps up ever closer. It means you are now most probably getting excited about family holiday activities over the festive period. Whether you opt for a Christmas performance, family brunch in a restaurant or atmospheric Christmas markets, here is our selection of fun and festive ideas for what to do with kids in Hong Kong during December.

  • Discover the Best Winter Camps Hong Kong has to offer in 2019/2020

    Discover the Best Winter Camps Hong Kong has to offer in 2019/2020

    With winter school holidays around the corner, parents may well be setting their sights on flexible, fun and educational camps with the joy of a playful childhood. But which camps are best set to support your children's ambitions and help them to get ahead at school? TickiKids' Education Editors consider the best options for this season.

  • Great Ideas for Throwing a Spooky Halloween Party for Kids

    Great Ideas for Throwing a Spooky Halloween Party for Kids

    Halloween is fast approaching, that time once again when children of all ages and the not so young dress as all things spooky, scary and ghoulish. Cursed to walk the earth or at least their local neighbourhood not so much in search of blood and souls but rather sweets and treats. Welcome to trick or treating a tradition that is popular in North America, parts of Europe and more recently in Hong Kong. So how can you make the most of this and the accompanying blood chilling parties, that children and adults enjoy so much? Luckily for you we've done the research to provide you with all the top ideas and resources to make your Halloween party or gathering memorably spooky and fun so that everyone will enjoy and feel suitably terrified. Waw ha ha!!!

  • Top School Holiday Camps in HK for Autumn 2019

    Top School Holiday Camps in HK for Autumn 2019

    Hong Kong with its vast range of children's activities on offer is always a whirlwind, but even more so this autumn with holiday camps ranging from sports sessions, language intensive courses, coding and drama programmes for 3 to 18 year olds. It is important to support each child in striking a successful balance between academic and leisure activity. With the autumn school holidays beginning soon, TickiKids investigates which camps are the best around. The emphasis, as elsewhere at TickiKids, is on variety, inclusion, and encourages kids to explore new activities, cultivate new interests and develop a variety of skills.

  • TickiKids' Educational Guide 2019: Top preschools in Hong Kong

    TickiKids' Educational Guide 2019: Top preschools in Hong Kong

    Choosing the right preschool for your child can be a daunting and tad stressful task for most parents living in a big city like Hong Kong. However, it will be well worth the investment of time and energy in the long run. Receiving a good preschool education is vital during a child's formative years, as children in this tender age group absorb and achieve more than at any other stage in their school life. This crucial first step on the educational road fosters an interest, enthusiasm and confidence that has every chance of persisting through their subsequent time in school. At TickiKids, we pride ourselves on our understanding of the things that really matter to parents when it comes to childcare and preschool education. You want your child to be happy, confident, challenged and able to reach his/her potential physically, socially, emotionally and, sure enough, academically, before moving on to the next school. Fret not, because we have done the hard work for you. For our educational guide, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the top preschools and daycare options in Hong Kong.

  • Best Cooking and Baking Classes for Kids in Hong Kong

    Best Cooking and Baking Classes for Kids in Hong Kong

    Baking, cooking and working in the kitchen are not something Hong Kong kids have access to in their everyday lives. Of course, knowing how to cook may be not considered by modern Hong Kong parents as important as being good at math, coding or languages. However, we shouldn’t forget that this skill makes a kid much more independent and can have positive influence on a child’s eating habits. Moreover, learning to cook and bake can be an exciting and enriching experience for your little ones, letting them explore the world of tastes and smells, giving them knowledge in math and science, challenging their problem-solving skills, making them work as a team and, of course, giving them that special pleasure of tasting the fruit of their labour! TickiKids has rounded up the very best baking and cooking classes for kids in Hong Kong.

  • Summer Camps Guide 2019: Best Programmes for Kids & Teens in Hong Kong

    Summer Camps Guide 2019: Best Programmes for Kids & Teens in Hong Kong

    There is a host of summer holiday programmes popping up all over town and they are all unique. It is vital that you take time to find the summer camp that best meets your child's needs and personality. Here is TickiKids' pick of some of the most interesting ones that will start from June 2019. Each has its own particular features that make it quite distinct. It goes without saying that, your little ones will make new friends and discover new interests and hobbies, progressing outside of school through these vibrant programmes. Be sure to check out the comprehensive summer camps guide for booking and detailed information.

  • Terrible Teens?

    Terrible Teens?

    When my delightful, well-behaved daughter hit her teen years, her defiant, impulsive and irrational behavior, left me and my husband zapped and lost. Each situation was a battle and each day was a war. We had no idea what had hit her. We were the same parents, doing what we had always been doing. What had gone wrong and more importantly, where we had gone wrong? One thing we were sure of was, this is not how we would like things to continue. It led me to do read and research on what psychologists had to say about the teenage brain right from the beginning of the psychology like G Stanley Hall to present-day thought leaders like Dr. Dan Siegel. When I started coaching teens and parents, this one question I have seen come up again and again from parents “My child was not like this. What happened?”

  • Best Tips for Travelling with Kids

    Best Tips for Travelling with Kids

    It has been said that organising fun long trips with babies or small children can be a nightmare. However, enjoyable travel even with toddlers is possible. Any experienced parent worth their salt will endorse the importance of planning. "Just plan everything ahead" – is the age-old mantra. With this in mind, don't let a blind panic get in the way of a memorable family holiday. Now you can heed our straightforward advice and valuable tips on how to pack energy-efficiently and stay safe and happy when you are holidaying with your little ones.

  • How to be a “Lazy” Parent

    How to be a “Lazy” Parent

    As they say, children don’t come up with instruction manuals. And what that means is we parents end up spending energy on musing, ‘Am I doing enough?’ This thought becomes even more accentuated when both the parents are working. In the process of getting rid of the guilt, we end up doing more for the child that is required. This, in the process, becomes counterproductive, and the child ends up being labelled by the society as an overprotected spoiled brat. And again, the parents take the brunt. So, after spending energy on worrying about not becoming a good parent, we end up being judged as so. Where to go … what to do?!

  • Introducing Hong Kong's Best Easter Camps for 2019

    Introducing Hong Kong's Best Easter Camps for 2019

    School holiday season requires some careful planning. We know that your time is the greatest luxury and more precious than ever. Fret not, TickiKids has got the lowdown on which Easter camp is best for your children. Whether you want to keep your kids organised, busy and happy during the upcoming Easter school holidays or fully immerse them in a certain activity – Hong Kong has it all. From high-octane sports, coding and language programmes to creative Easter-themed craft classes, the ultimate Easter camp is but a mere click away.

  • All You Need for a Child's Birthday Party to Succeed

    All You Need for a Child's Birthday Party to Succeed

    If the thought of throwing a child's birthday party makes you break out in a cold sweat, do not worry! There are plenty of ways to celebrate a birthday in our vibrant city. From themed birthday parties, best bakeries, stylish party supplies & decorations to face painting sessions, these are the coolest ways to make the birthday bash an unqualified success.

  • Does Your Child Procrastinate?

    Does Your Child Procrastinate?

    The primary school that my girls went to did not have much workload in terms of homework. Whatever they had was easily manageable with all the other activities they were involved in. The only time management they needed was to learn to be on time at various places. Things changed dramatically when they entered secondary school. 

  • Three Steps to becoming a "Listening" Parent

    Three Steps to becoming a "Listening" Parent

    Most teenagers feel that not only their parents but adults, in general, do not listen to them. Being a Coach for teenagers gives me numerous opportunities to hear their side of the story. When asked to further elaborate on why they feel so, this is what some of them have said:

  • ELĒKRŎN: Premiere of the Show That Electrifies the World

    ELĒKRŎN: Premiere of the Show That Electrifies the World

    Despite the Christmas season having come to an end, your family calendar won’t be empty in January. Hong Kong and the rest of Asian audiences can start preparing to be amazed by the world’s first action-packed, all-electric, indoor theatrical stunt show ‒ ELĒKRŎN. Featuring an acclaimed and prestigious production team, custom-adapted electric vehicles ‒ powered by Tesla motors, a star-studded cast from around the globe, a comprehensive selection of circus artists, astounding special effects and an array of unrelenting and heart-stopping stunts... This world-class spectacular is the most hotly anticipated event of the year, with widespread appeal beyond just car enthusiasts and circus freaks. Read on and find out how to witness the biggest legendary show with its UNRIVALLED SELECTION OF FAMILY PACKAGES.

  • Making Conversation with People of Different Ages

    Making Conversation with People of Different Ages

    8-year old Timmy’s relatives are coming to town soon for Christmas. There will be kids, teens, adults and elderly people. Timmy is excited to meet them all, but there is one big problem… The boy gets worried, as he has no idea what to talk with his relatives about when they come over. Check out the carefully crafted conversational advice from an expert.

  • Ten Brilliant Things to Do with Kids on a Rainy Day

    Ten Brilliant Things to Do with Kids on a Rainy Day

    If the weather turns grey and the torrential rainstorm has poured water on your plans, it is very easy for your mind to go completely blank. Are you still on the hunt for the perfect boredom-busting activities for children? Chin up! You are in safe hands now: luckily, TickiKids are experts at presenting a “Plan B”, revealing plenty of brilliant things to do with kids on a rainy day. We’ve put together ten of our favourite video tutorials. This lifesaver will be of interest to all parents who want to have some fun family time in a comfort of their homes, using easily available materials. 

  • The best and most idyllic beaches in Hong Kong for the whole family

    The best and most idyllic beaches in Hong Kong for the whole family

    What is a dream holiday without the sea? Thousands of sun worshippers, beach lovers and children flock to Hong Kong's family-friendly seashores in August and September to soak up the sunshine and enjoy the last remnants of summer. Whether you are planning a family leisurely weekend or a city escape, discover TickiKids’ round-up of the best government-maintained beaches in Hong Kong for a great day out.

  • Is Your Child a Smartphone Addict?

    Is Your Child a Smartphone Addict?

    I often hear mums concerned about the amount of time children spend on their phones playing games, and in the process not only do they lose track of the time, but it's also hard to pull them away from the game.  Whilst it is true for the mobile devices in general, in this article I will focus on the gaming part of the devices. I will give a glimpse of what goes on in the mind of a video gamer and why it’s challenging to pull them away from the game or indeed, pulling themselves away. I will also give tips on what can potentially be done.

  • Public Speaking? Nah… Just Tell a Story!

    Public Speaking? Nah… Just Tell a Story!

    I dedicate this article to my favourite age group – the youth of today. Much has been said and written about this topic and yet it remains an enigma to most of us when it really shouldn’t be. It should be as easy as it is for a 4-year-old to tell a story.Recently I was invited to mentor a group of kids to improve their public speaking skills. These kids were going to present their project to a group of judges and the best idea was to win an award to fund their idea. I first asked them to tell me about their project. As they told me about why they chose the project, the passion, enthusiasm, and energy in their gestures and body language was apparent. Then I asked them to present their idea to me as they would to the judges.

  • Are You Burning Bridges With Your Child?

    Are You Burning Bridges With Your Child?

    “My 13-year-old daughter is just so unenthusiastic and passive for just about everything. I have to constantly remind her of small things like putting her shoes away to packing her bags. She is intelligent, but she needs to be reminded to do her homework and prepare for her assessments. When she does it, she does it well…but my pain is the reminders. I feel like a broken record player…you know one that keeps playing the same track again and again!! Arghhh!!! Other children her age are so active and self-motivated”, ranted my client. Fatigue and frustration were apparent in her voice, face and body language.This is a story of not just one parent but of so many of us. As a Mom and Teen Coach, I have had the privilege of listening to both sides of the story on the same issues.

  • Hong Kong Forest Adventures: Test Patrol Visit

    Hong Kong Forest Adventures: Test Patrol Visit

    Hong Kong Forest Adventures offers families an incredible experience of immersing into free unstructured play in natural surroundings. Education and child personal development shouldn’t always be a teacher lead activity, because there’s no one else who knows and feels your children needs better, than kids themselves. Away from strict curriculum, from competitive approach to learning and from sticking to a boring schedule!Our Test Patrol mom, Carley Chan, who is also a prolific blogger and an expert in kids’ events, visited one of the workshops with her family. Her personal acquaintance with Forest Adventures's approach to learning proves, that it’s a must-try for every Hong Kong kid! 

  • Best Christmas Camps 2018

    Best Christmas Camps 2018

    The days of endless academic study are gone, and Christmas school holidays are finally upon us. For some parents, children’s holiday camps are the stepping stone for achieving progression, enhancing the current child’s performance in a particular area and maximising their offspring’s talents. And rightly so, extra activities are a fundamental part of education and highly beneficial in building communication and teamwork skills, whilst having an enormous amount of fun. The menu of holiday programmes in Hong Kong is almost countless and it can be hard to know where to start when trying to choose from an array of outstanding Christmas camps. Fortunately, TickiKids has hunted down the best Christmas camps for kids in Hong Kong to create memorable winter holidays for your little ones. Get booking now!

  • Chinese New Year 2019: Top Ideas for a Fun and Memorable Celebration

    Chinese New Year 2019: Top Ideas for a Fun and Memorable Celebration

    The Year of the Pig hasn’t officially begun yet, but hundreds of thousands will be taking to the streets in a little while to see in the new year by watching dazzling fireworks, parades and compelling shows. Best of all, Hong Kong welcomes Chinese New Year 2019 with a variety of lively celebrations. Whether you are entertaining with your kids, accommodating the extended family on a flying visit or simply in need of some jolly preparation ideas, we round up the best of Hong Kong’s festive offerings that are certain to cater to all the family.

  • Trendy Christmas Gifts for Your Kids: Christmas Gift Guide 2018

    Trendy Christmas Gifts for Your Kids: Christmas Gift Guide 2018

    Christmas is on its merry way and the streets of Hong Kong are a sumptuous feast for the senses during the weeks approaching the festive period. However, when it comes to scrabbling around for secret Santa gifts many parents meet Yuletide with a certain kind of tension and even panic. Chin up! This year, preparing for Christmas will be a breeze! TickiKids’ carefully crafted selection of trendy gifts for your kids will take the stress out of Christmas shopping.