Half Ghost and The Island in the Caldera - brought to you by BooksActually

Published 31 January 2018 at 22:53

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Half Ghost and The Island in the Caldera -  brought to you by BooksActually

Two young adult novels that are bound to capture your child's imagination brought to you by reading experts BooksActually!

Half Ghost by Zed Yeo

Through his insightful fiction Zed Yeo teaches children to be more appreciative of own culture, as he sets the novel in Singapore. The author creates an exciting story, that will bring young adults on a thrilling adventure around the city they know and love. The main character, Nail, is taking you on a journey, where impossibilities do not exist. Half-boy and half-ghost moves to the haunted neighbourhood and is pulled down to the underworld, after a series of supernatural events. Nial’s quest through the streets of Singapore lead to finding very unusual friends who help him to seek his way home. The secrets of the city itself unveil as the reader follows Neil along his wandering. 

Half Ghost will boost young adults fantasy with an unexpected mix of spooky and curious, yet heartwarming plot. The familiar setting makes it easier to plunge into the mystical atmosphere of the book, where everything is half-imagined, but still half-real.

The Island in the Caldera by Lin Xueling

Two sisters, Min Rui and Chloe, start their risky journey back home through the mysterious Island in the Caldera. Throughout their adventure, accompanied by their talking cat, they have to confront the fierce tree dragons and stinky giants. They manage to survive despite hunger and exhaustion with the help of their wit and courage. The story has a very valuable lesson to teach young adults, that it’s normal to be afraid, everyone is, you are brave when you choose to act against the thing that inspires fear in you.

The Island in the Caldera tells a story of friendship, support and faith, all this, combined with the sisters’ struggle to overcome their fears, make it easily relatable for kids. Despite it’s whimsical, imaginative plot, Lin Xueling set her story in real places around Asia. The readers get to learn more about the history of the region, its myths and even inventions of the local scientists. The world of imagination and endless possibilities unveil on each page of the book, enforced by wonderful illustrations by the incredibly talented Stephanie Raphaela Ho.

And the adventure never ends, as there are more volumes to come!

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