Shaggy and the Trims review

Published 07 May 2019 at 22:57

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Shaggy and the Trims review

When you think of the PLAYtime! interactive theatre series by Esplanade, a lot of fun, all-singing, all-dancing shows that are capable of firing children’s imaginations are bound to come to mind. And with their fantastic directors such as Carina Hales (Shaggy and the Trims), Ian Loy (The Dragon's Dentist, The Bird Who Was Afraid of Heights) and Daniel Jenkins (Bunny Finds the Right Stuff and the upcoming Us) it’s no surprise! For every age and every stage, from under-sixes to adults, they bring children's gently educational stories to life. The characters that kids are introduced to during the PLAYtime! theatrical productions will stimulate creative thoughts, conversations and learning.

Since 3rd May 2019 young ones can enjoy Esplanade's brand new children's show. So it’s time to prepare yourselves for adventures of little Shaggy live on stage with the smash hit children's production – Shaggy and the Trims. TickiKids’ Test Patrol families attended this eagerly anticipated premiere and ready to make their own mind up about matters ranging from the cast to staging and the venue. Be sure to read this review ahead of watching the performance for a richer idea of all the proceedings, especially if you have a child on the autism spectrum or with sensory sensitivities.

This is absolutely delightful family entertainment that brilliantly and energetically brings a story about a big, bold and brave at first sight creature Shaggy who is scared of getting a haircut. He just isn't a fan of all the snipping, buzzing, lopping, and chopping actions associated with getting a haircut. After all, why should he look like everyone else in a town where everyone is trim and tidy? When the Notties come into the town to cause trouble, everyone discovers that being different can be a good thing and sometimes, you can fit in in ways that you least expect.

Originated by artistic director and script writer Carina Hales and set designer Wong Chee Wai, the production currently features an excellent cast of James Shubert, Matilda Chua, Natalie Yeap and Salif Hardie. Combining dazzling staging, highly imaginative costumes, sets, puppets and unforgettable songs, this astonishing 40-minute show at the Esplanade Theatre Studio inspires and encourages little kids with a strong story of morals, loyalty and friendship.

Mr. Puvanendran P., father of a daughter Isha Puvanendran:

For those who haven't got tickets yet, I can say it is unmissable. The bigger wonder is that taking your seat on a carpet you are not quite sure what you are getting yourself into. We didn't expect to see the picnic mats and baskets which also invite the audience to participate in the childhood pleasure. Indeed, with the bright river and hills settings, energetic puppets (actors) and engaging activities, the performance unavoidably has the feel of a children's interactive show. The kids were undeniably engaged and invested throughout this joyful show. But some kids, including my daughter, were less likely to participate and had to be coaxed. I followed Isha for the first activity. The set designer made a brave effort to incorporate water into the production allowing the children to play with water in the "river", which also contains water beads, and play with soap bubbles. That really made my kid's day, she really enjoyed it. The main message of the story was clearly put across. I didn't have to explain to my child what was going on.

Mrs Anitha Malani, mother of two daughters: Aanya, 7 yo, and Tanya, 5 yo.:

The hallmark of the performance is a comprehensible plot to all kids and its plain language. They just loved Shaggy because it is a wonderful adventure, with incredible characters that are easy for kids to understand. This is a gorgeous production based on a funny and heartwarming story which teaches children how they should behave towards each other. There is so much to relish in this show. Yes, the performance is really that captivating. All credit to the director of the production and ensemble cast that turned the studio into interactive family fun. We as parents just enjoyed the show, whilst keeping an eye on happy kids deeply immersed in the fun activities.

Shaggy and the Trims is at the Esplanade Theatre Studio until 17th May 2019. A few tickets for 14th May at 11am and 16th May at 9.30am are available to purchase now. A sensory-friendly version of this production will be available on Friday 10 May and Saturday 11 May 2019.

Why not arrange your visit to the Esplanade Theatre Studio to watch their next children's show Us? Check out the upcoming performance within the PLAYtime interactive theatre series and book tickets online.

The TickiKids’ team would like to say thank you to Mrs Anitha Malani and Mr. Puvanendran P. for providing us with their impressions and photos of the performance.

By Anna Liashchenko

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