Updated: 2024 The Best Music Classes for Kids in Singapore

Published 08 June 2024 at 10:00

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Updated: 2024 The Best Music Classes for Kids in Singapore

Whether you are looking for lessons designed for babies to teach them music appreciation or you have a little baby rock star at home, or you simply want to expose your child to the joy of music, then your search ends here.

At TickiKids, we have rounded-up the most highly respected music schools and music classes in Singapore. Here’s a look at the best music classes near you!

Music for Young Children® (MYC)

Music classes MYC

Image credit: Music for Young Children® (MYC)

Founded in Canada, Music for Young Children® (MYC) has been teaching children ages 2 to 12 the foundations of music education and piano playing in group settings since 1980. Throughout this time, their principles and dreams have remained the same:

Music is a gift that lasts a lifetime, and all children and families deserve quality music education.

They excel in delivering top-tier music education to young children by seamlessly blending the joy of music-making with expert instruction. MYC's curriculum is meticulously designed to establish and nurture a robust foundation in music education, appreciation, and performance for young learners. Even if your child chooses not to pursue further music studies after MYC, their approach equips kids with a breadth of musical knowledge and appreciation that will accompany them for life.

Distinguished by its unique integration of Conservatory repertoire alongside their method, MYC is the sole early childhood music education program that guides students toward completing their first piano and theory exams. In addition to mastering piano skills and music literacy, students are immersed in vital elements essential for developing a well-rounded, educated musician.


Not only does it provide a means for self-expression, but it also enhances child’s capacity to absorb and embrace new ideas. In MYC, students engage with a diverse range of songs, whether to introduce or reinforce musical concepts, or simply for the pure enjoyment of music!


Although children may not always show it, they have a deep affinity for listening. At MYC teaching how to actively listen and discern different elements at various times is crucial.


At MYC, they initiate students into keyboard geography through a D-centered approach, gradually introducing them to surrounding notes. Children effortlessly grasp keyboard reading skills through incremental learning and regular review.

Rhythm Ensembles:

Children delight in exploring various rhythm instruments, such as triangles and drums. While MYC primarily focuses on piano instruction, incorporating rhythm ensembles into classes provides every child with the chance to succeed in reading and performing simple to complex rhythms in a group setting, fostering cohesion and musical collaboration.


Children possess remarkable creativity, and MYC equips them with the tools to unleash their imagination through composition. Even at the tender age of 3, students begin to grasp the foundational techniques of composition! 

Explore MYC’s learning programs and select the class that best suits your child's age!

Click here and choose the most convenient location!

Age: 2 - 12 years old

Contact: +65 6514 0279, WhatsApp

Socials: Facebook

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Music. For Life

Music For Life lessons

Image Credit: Music. For Life

Music. For Life is dedicated to offering an ability-driven music education, focusing on each student's unique strengths and passions. Their mission is to recognise and nurture individual capabilities, guiding students to explore pathways that best amplify their musical talents.

Personalised lessons are tailored to each child’s unique abilities and designed to be fun and engaging, utilising creative teaching styles that make learning an enjoyable experience. Boutique-style, the school features spacious and welcoming classrooms that provide a comfortable and inspiring setting where students can thrive. 

Music. For Life is a team of committed teachers, providing the support and encouragement needed for students to grow and succeed.

An annual recital offers students a valuable platform to showcase their progress and boost their confidence. This event not only celebrates their hard work and achievements - it is an opportunity for students to perform in front of a real audience, further enhancing their stage presence and self-assurance.

Music. For Life offers a variety of piano-focused lessons:

  • Encore Syllabus
  • Improvisation (Playing beyond scores)
  • Basic Music Production
  • Wedding piano performance preparation (self-composed/medley)

Join Music. For Life and watch your child soar to new heights in their musical journey!

Ages: from 3 and above

Contact: +6588219896, WhatsApp

Location: Stars of Kovan, 988 Upper Serangoon Rd, #01-12/13 S(534733)


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Joy Music Studio

Joy Music Studio Collage

Image Credit: Joy Music Studio

Joy Music Studio does not just believe that music brings joy, they know it for a fact!

Since 2014, Joy Music Studio has been offering a wide range of music lessons, including piano, vocals, drums, guitar, violin, and programs for early music learners. Joy Music Studio’s experienced and highly qualified teachers are registered with the Ministry of Education and are committed to creating customized lesson plans that balance progression and FUN!

Whether your child's musical interests lie in classical or pop music, the teachers use globally recognized curriculums such as ABRSM, Rock School, and Trinity as a base to build their lessons around your child's goals.

But Joy Music Studio does not just stop at lessons! Joy Music Studio’s music teachers deeply believe that learning music is an exciting journey and provide plenty of opportunities for students to perform at concert recitals, music competitions, and small group workshops throughout the year. Not only your child will improve their musical abilities, but they will also gain confidence and develop important performance skills.

If you are looking for a way to enrich your child's life and give them a lifelong passion, call and arrange a trial lesson at Joy Music Studio today!

Contact: admin@joymusicstudio.com.sg

Location: Joy Music Studio at Parkway Centre, 1 Marine Parade Central #02-02

Socials: Facebook, Instagram.

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The Music Studios

The Music Studios Collage

Image Credit: The Music Studios

The Music Studios was founded by piano pedagogue Dr. Khoo Hui Ling. A collective of nurturing private piano teachers offer a holistic approach to learning music for all ages and levels. Founded in 2018, The Music Studios has since grown and expanded its range of programmes from the Piano Performance Programme and Advanced Piano Performance Programme, to holiday activities such as the popular ‘Tea for Two’ Piano Ensemble Programme. Whether a student is looking to explore piano playing for the first time or to pursue more rigorous musical aspirations like a college music degree or competitions, our experienced teachers will be able to customize their approach and advise accordingly.

At The Music Studios, we develop musical artistry alongside learning strategies and values. We work with students to create their own artistic identity and interpretations of music of various styles. At the same time, we foster problem solving skills through guided, disciplined practice. Through various performance opportunities that we offer, our students learn to be confident in expressing themselves and resilient in overcoming challenges. These cognitive, emotional, social, and artistic aspects of learning to play the piano form the basis of our mission: laying the foundation for a lifelong friendship with music. Let us be your guide in your musical journey!

Age: 4 to Adults.

When: Contact us to schedule a free trial lesson suited to your timing!

Fees: Fees depend on the level of student, venue of classes and length of lesson, which will be determined during the trial lesson.

Contacts: ask.TheMusicStudios@gmail.com

Socials: Facebook, Instagram

Location: Lessons are held at the private studios of our teachers located across central, east, west and downtown Singapore.

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Juzmusic Academy

Juzmusic Academy Collage

Image Credit: Juzmusic Academy

Since 2006, Juzmusic Academy has offered both Instrumental lessons and the Early Childhood programme (from birth to 6 years old). Instrumental lessons for all ages are offered for piano, violin, cello, voice, guitar, drums, flute, clarinet, ukulele etc. They also offer Suzuki classes in piano and violin. A free trial class is available for new students.

Early Childhood program progression levels

  • Junior Discovery (Birth - 2.5 years old)
  • Junior Playtime (2.5 - 4 years old)
  • Junior Musician (4 - 6 years old) - Students will learn both the piano and violin in the class

Juzmusic Academy continues to be guided by the vision that music can and must be made exciting, enriching and enjoyable.

Age: from birth to all ages.

Contact Details: +65 63444420, nfo@juzmusic.com.

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram.

Location: 1 Marine Parade Central, #09-04, Parkway Centre, S 449408.

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Nousound Academy

Nousound Academy Collage

Image Credit: Nousound Academy

Located in the town of Singapore at River Valley, Nousound Academy is just a few stops away from Orchard Road. The modern and comfortable premise has a waiting area and professional instruments, providing the best instruments and learning experience.

Nousound has a tagline - Community of Sound, where they aim to promote synergies among all our musicians at the Academy. They have a special class - Ensemble Class where selected students are formed into a band and learn the dynamics and roles of playing in a band!

With a student-led approach, classes are conducted in a fun and open environment. Students as young as 3+ years old all the way to adults are welcomed.

They provide 1-to-1 music classes, with 6 specializations:

  • Piano
  • Drums
  • Ukulele
  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Vocals

Nousound Academy provides preparation for exams such as Trinity, ABRSM, and Rock school as well.

Book your FREE trial via the website now!

Age: 3+ years old to adults.

Contacts: +65 9863 9953 (Whats'App) , hello@nousound.com.

Socials: Instagram | Facebook.

Website: www.nousound.com

Location: 81 Clemenceau Avenue, UE Square, #03-12.

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Seimpi Education

Seimpi Collage

Image Credit: Seimpi MIM

Music training enhances brain function. Studies have shown that early experiences of childhood determine how well brain cells (neurons) will connect with other brain cells. If stimulated correctly during early childhood, these neuron connectors develop rapidly, and at Seimpi they are thus looking at ways to develop the whole brain.

Music for the Intelligent Mind (MIM®) programs aims to do just that. With the proprietary and carefully planned syllabus, at SEIMPI MIM they gradually guide students from the tender age of 12 mths to the age of 7 to explore the richness and excitement of music through interesting play, activities and musical games. Unlike other early childhood music courses that only emphasize listening and music movement, at Seimpi they also incorporate eye and ear training, speed reading, pitch training, memorizing techniques, concentration training, proper playing techniques, and music theory. All activities at Seimpi MIM involve stimulating the interconnectivity between the two hemispheres of the brain by engaging in holistic and all-rounded music training. MIM ® provides a seamless transition into music-graded studies.

MIM ® progression levels:

  • MIM ® Jumpstart (12 to 23 mths)
  • MIM ® Playtime (2 years old)
  • MIM ® In Me (3 years old)
  • MIM ® Encore (4-7 years old) (pre-Grade 1 level)

In Seimpi, they also conduct individual lessons (for all ages) in piano (classical/pop/jazz), violin, guitar, ukulele, vocal, musical theatre, and performance diplomas. In addition, Seimpi also conducts an accelerated music program SMART & Teaching Diplomas (including Early Childhood Music) under Seimpi Academy.

Age Group (for MIM classes): from 12 mths to 7 years old.

When: classes on weekdays and weekends in 4 centres.

Email: info@seimpi.edu.sg.

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram.

Locations: #03-26 The Centrepoint, #05-04/05 Hougang Mall, #04-13/14 JCube, #05-02 Loyang Point.

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Berakah Music Drum School

Berakah Music Drum School Collage
Image Credit: Berakah Music Drum School

The Central Business District is literally blessed to have Berakah Music Drum School as the very name of the School means ‘Blessing’ in Hebrew. Here, everything strives for perfection. The studio is professionally equipped, acoustically treated, and is conducted within a luxuriously furnished place. All Drum Teachers here have at least 10 years of teaching experience be it conducting private lessons or previously teaching at other reputable schools such as Yamaha, Cristofori, and School of Music Clef (Suntec City).
For Berakah Music Drum School quality is better than quantity. So, instead of stuffing in many drum sets in the shoebox-sized rooms, they have only one studio (250 sqft) with 2 acoustic drum sets. The room is acoustically treated in order to create a sonically comfortable environment to learn the Drums.

A well-rounded Drum Lesson syllabus that covers the basic techniques and the ways of applying these techniques to music. And, what is more important, students learn to play drums by playing along to their favorite songs, so the learning sessions are always exciting and enriching! At the same time, this innovative approach helps students to pass graded examinations by Rockschool Singapore as Berakah Music Drum School partners with them.
The age groups of students vary from 7 to 70 years of age. However, it is possible to enroll a younger student on a case-by-case basis if a student is really interested in Drums.

Age: 7-70.

When: check the booking options on the website.

Fees: starting from $60 for weekdays and $65 for weekends.

Contacts: Whatsapp +65 9380 3135, admin@berakahgroup.com.

Socials: Instagram, Facebook.

Location: 531 Upper Cross Street #02-46 Singapore 050531.

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Ritmo Music Studio

Ritmo Music Studio Collage

Image Credit: Ritmo Music Studio

Want to let your kids try out different instruments or hone their musical skills? At Ritmo Music Studio, we believe that music is for everyone: we offer lessons tailor-made to suit different age groups and competency levels for comfortable and enjoyable learning!

Teaching kids how to play different instruments and sing in a real studio is an enriching and transformative experience. It provides them with a platform to explore their talents, develop their skills, and foster a lifelong passion for music.

Children are introduced to a wide variety of instruments, such as guitar, digital piano and keyboard, drum and percussion. Ukulele is great for beginners! Each instrument brings its own set of challenges and rewards, enabling kids to discover which one resonates with them the most. Patient and skilled instructors – the professional musicians - guide them through the initial stages of learning, emphasizing the fundamentals and gradually building their proficiency.

Learning to sing alongside playing instruments opens up a whole new dimension of musical expression for the kids. You are welcome to choose songs you wish to learn to make your lessons more fun and meaningful for you.

At Ritmo Music Studio children are involved in the world of music production! We take pride in performance-ready learning: our instructors are also active performers in our local music industry. Children witness the magic of arranging, composing, and producing music, gaining an appreciation for the effort that goes into creating a full-fledged musical piece. Kids can join bands or small ensembles, creating an environment that fosters teamwork and encourages them to harmonize with fellow musicians. They can also jam with our teachers!

The skills young students develop and the memories they make in the studio will last a lifetime, nurturing a love for music that will enrich their lives for years to come.

Age: 5 and above

Contact: hello@ritmostudio.sg;

  • +65 6913 7690;
  • +65 8808 9763.

Socials: Facebook, Instagram

Location: 531 Upper Cross Street #02-59, Hong Lim Complex.

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The Tiny Music Academy

The Tiny Music Academy Collage

Image Credit: The Tiny Music Academy

Learning to play musical instruments offers numerous benefits for children's cognitive, emotional, and social development. Music education provides a holistic learning experience that goes beyond the realm of music itself, contributing to a well-rounded and enriched upbringing.

As an esteemed hub of musical education, The Tiny Music Academy nurtures aspiring students with the essential skills and hands-on experience required to thrive in the dynamic industry. Take the first step today and embark on the journey to shape the extraordinary future you envision!

Playing the piano offers children a multitude of cognitive benefits, enhancing their memory, concentration, and problem-solving skills through the intricate coordination required for playing. Beyond intellectual growth, it nurtures creativity and emotional expression as children translate their feelings into the melodies they create, fostering a profound sense of accomplishment and self-esteem. Moreover, the discipline and dedication demanded by piano practice instill valuable life skills, teaching patience and perseverance that extend far beyond the realm of music.

Violin is an ambitious instrument for children, but it can be rewarding! Learning to play the violin holds significant advantages, fostering exceptional ear training and refining their sense of pitch, which can enrich their overall musical abilities. The intricate finger placements and bow control required in violin playing promote fine motor skill development and hand-eye coordination, essential for various aspects of their growth. Beyond the musical realm, mastering the violin teaches patience, discipline, and the value of consistent practice, nurturing a strong work ethic that transcends into other areas of their academic and personal pursuits.

Learning to play the cello is a unique avenue for emotional expression, as its deep and resonant tones allow them to convey a wide range of feelings through music. The physicality of playing the cello, with its larger size and intricate techniques, promotes the development of strength, posture, and coordination, contributing to their overall physical well-being. Additionally, mastering the complexities of the cello instills perseverance and dedication, nurturing valuable life skills that extend to academic endeavors and character growth.

Acquiring musical skills at a young age can spark a lifelong love for music. Whether pursued as a hobby or a potential career, music remains a source of joy and enrichment throughout one's life. By providing a platform for creativity, discipline, and self-expression, music education empowers children to thrive academically, socially, and personally.

Contact: thetinymusicacademy@gmail.com

Whatsapp: +65 92297109

Location: 23 Sin Ming Road, #01-19, Singapore 570023

Socials: Instagram, Facebook

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Groove Music School

Groove Music School Collage

Image Credit: Groove Music School

Groove Music School is an expert when it comes to teaching music lessons. Here, every lesson is not just a possibility to polish skills, it is a memorable experience. The music lessons are conducted in a thoughtfully designed and creative environment that helps students give full swing to self-expression, creativity, and passion for music.

Dedicated and experienced teachers plant love for learning various musical instruments: Drums/percussions, Piano/Keyboard, Bass, Electric, Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele, Vocal, and songwriting. Classes are mostly 1-on-1 however, they cater to classes for 2 pax and above upon request.

Individual approach to the students ensures that they can achieve their goal in learning, be it a preparation for graded examinations, personal growth, unique experience, leisure, or to improve musical skills. Mastering the techniques is not the only purpose of the lessons - here you will have fun, learn in a relaxed manner and derive enjoyment from every moment in the class!

And, Groove Music School proves that it is never too late to learn as their students’ age range is from 5 to 70 years!

For those who want to spend some quality time with friends, colleagues, or family, Groove Music School plans seasonal workshops for all ages so you can get an educational experience in just a short time. Call or Email to enquire about private workshops or customized corporate events.

Age: 4.5yo to Adults.

When: 12pm to 9pm (Tues to Fri), 10am to 9pm (Sat & Sun), Monday - Closed.

Fees: Starting from $210/month per 4 lessons

Contacts: +65 88744079, info@groovemusic.com.sg.

Socials: Instagram, Facebook.

Location: 177B Thomson Road. Goldhill Shopping Centre, Level 3, Singapore 307625

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Our Music Studio

Our Music Studio Collage

Image Credit: Our Music Studio

Did you know that many geniuses such as Mozart and Alexander Graham Bell have music backgrounds?

As Albert Einstein puts it,
“If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.”

Benefits of Music & Movement
Through music and movement, young children are able to develop coordination and social skills, learn to express themselves. Music stimulates the part of the brain that learns; develops and promotes creative thinking; provides opportunities for problem-solving and decision-making. It is a means of communication, expression and helps to develop motor skills.

Hence, children are encouraged to attend classes regularly instead of hopping from one enrichment to the other. Routines are important to children especially in their early years as they need to be secure in their environment. Once they are familiar, children will be more positive to the learning process.

Enrichment hopping will not allow children to grasp routines and reap benefits of the respective enrichment programmes that they are in. Children may lose their interest in the programme. They too will be unable to bond with their friends and teacher of the programme.

Music teaches discipline which may translate to a positive habit into adulthood. In piano lessons, a child learns to set aside a specific time each day to practice usually for a minimum of 30 minutes, and to follow instructions. They learn to use their time responsibly and take care of their instrument. The downside of not being disciplined in the long run is that one loses focus. As a result, things are done slower and not on time.

Music teaches children delayed gratification, even at an early age. As a child, in class, they get to learn about turn-taking. As they get older, they will need to practice on a piece of music before they are able to play it well. The rigour and discipline is definitely the process before the performance.

Through spontaneous play, children learn how to increase their imagination, self-regulate their emotions. This contributes to their cognitive development and helps them learn how to handle different situations with a variety of different people.

Parents are able to see their children grow and have fun. A happy child also results in happy parents.

Age: for newborns to 6 years old.

Contact Details: +65 6467 1789, +65 9824 0198, enquiry@ourmusicstudio.com.sg.

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram.

Location: 163 Tanglin Road, #03-11B Tanglin Mall, Singapore 247933.

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Little Stars Music School

Little Stars Music School Collage

Image Credit: Little Stars Music School

As a premier school for children as young as a newborn, Little Stars Music School offers an original and unique approach to music education. Given the diverse and multi-cultural society of Singapore; directors, specialists, and support staff of Little Stars Music School ensure that every child that comes through their doors experiences a fun, safe, respectful and child-oriented environment.
From learning different genres of music to exciting musicals to awesome group piano classes and performances, Little Stars Music School has a lot of surprises at hand!

Drop-Off Class
  • Musical Theatre 1 (3- 4yr old)
  • Musical Theatre 2 (4 - 5 yrs old)
  • Musical Theatre 3 (5 - 6 yrs old)
  • Musical Theatre Tweenies (6 - 15 yrs old)
  • Adult Musical Theatre (15 yrs old and up)

Adult-Accompanied Class

  • Baby Music (6 - 12 mos)
  • Toddler Music (12 - 18mos)
  • Jr. Toddler Music (18 mos - 2 ½ yrs old )
  • Junior Music (2 ½ - 3 yrs old);

Group Piano (5yrs old and up)

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • $50.00 trial class;
  • $450.00/10 classes.

Contact Details: +65 8814 0323.

Email: info@littlestarsmusic.school.

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram.

Location: 428 River Valley Road #01-12 Loft @ Nathan Singapore 248327.

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Mandeville Junior (Mandeville Conservatory)

Mandeville Conservatory Collage

Image Credit: Mandeville Junior (Mandeville Conservatory)

For the young ones from newborns to children up to 6 years old, Mandeville Junior (MJr) curricula, including Baby Stars (Suzuki ECE certified), Baby Violin, Preschooler Music, and Keyboard Group, are specially designed to go beyond imparting musical knowledge. The programmes provide a fun and loving environment for learning, encourage parental involvement to foster stronger parent-child bonding, and coach a child in life skills that would help him or her fully appreciate music and its beauty in connecting people.

Age Group: from newborns to children up to 6 years old.


United Square

Operating Hours: Mon – Fri: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM; Sat: 8:30 AM – 9:00 PM; Sun: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM (closed on public holidays)

Contact Details: +65 6250 1911

Email: mandeville@mandevilleconservatory.com

Address: 101 Thomson Road #03-21 United Square Singapore 307591

Parkway Parade

Operating Hours: Mon – Fri: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM, Sat & Sun: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM (closed on public holidays)

Contact Details: +65 6440 3383

Email: info@mandeville-east.com

Address: 80 Marine Parade Road #11-05 Parkway Parade Singapore 449269

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram.

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Rave Harps Academy

Rave Harps Academy Collage

Image Credit: Rave Harps Academy

Everyone can play the harp, children, adults, and even seniors! Everyone is welcome to learn how to play the harp at Rave Harps Academy. The staff and faculty are eager to help you embark on your very own unique musical journey.

Bébé Harp Programme

Ever wanted your child to learn a musical instrument?

Why not start them off at a young age, playing the harp! At Rave Harps Academy they start teaching children at early ages, groom them into young musicians, performers and teach them how to have fun with music!

Age: 3 - 5 years old.

Contact Details: +65 6702213, info@raveharps.com.

Socials: Facebook, Instagram.

Location: 73 Ubi Road 1 (Oxley Bizhub), #10-63 Singapore 408733.

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