Building Stronger Family Bonds through Flowers and Flower Arrangements

Published 28 December 2020 at 17:04

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Building Stronger Family Bonds through Flowers and Flower Arrangements

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Flowers have an extraordinary way of affecting adults and even little children. More than colorful blooms that kids see in the garden, flowers are also a great object to be used for family activities that may help strengthen the family bond. As most pediatricians encourage parents to do activities with kids to help them develop their well-being, flowers and home gardening have been one of the most beneficial activities on the list.

It has been emphasized that flowers provide a wide range of health benefits not only to adults but also to kids. These activities are also proven to strengthen the parents’ relationship with the children. If you are a parent seeking ways to build a stronger family bond with your kids, here are some of the activities you can do at home using the magic of flowers:

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Home Gardening

Home gardening is one way of enjoying the company of the little children while tending the garden flowering plants and green plants. But more than a worthwhile activity, seeing fresh, beautiful flowers is also beneficial to children of all ages. Flower gardening allows kids and adults to engage all five senses in touching, smelling, seeing, hearing, and even tasting some of the edible plants. Kids also learn more about science and nature when they start to explore the garden. Gardening with kids also helps encourage them to eat fruits and vegetables, especially the ones they personally grow and harvest from the garden. Also, home gardening fosters a stronger family bond when parents and kids work hand in hand, face the challenges together, and succeed in growing beautiful plants and flowers eventually.

Flower Picking

Picking flowers and blooms is a fun activity for both parents and kids. It is fun not just because flowers are beautiful to touch and hold, but also because fresh blooms make a special connection with children. They naturally interact with flowers and plants and they get to learn how nature works as they pick flowers, see and catch butterflies, hold worms, and squish mud. They also learn how to appreciate and care for flowers and plants when they experience picking them from the garden.

However, there are certain types of flowers that children should avoid picking because they contain toxins that may cause harm and danger to the little ones. If you have flowers in your garden that contains toxins, such as Baby’s Breath, Daffodils, Calla Lily, or Foxglove, make sure that your kids stay away from these plants.

Flower picking is also permitted in other outdoor gardens and parks. This is a wonderful way to introduce other types of flowers to your children. However, there are places wherein children and adults are not allowed to pick flowers because they are poisonous or they are one of the endangered species.

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Flower Arranging

Arranging flowers is an interesting activity for the family. Both the parents and kids will surely enjoy the experience of creating simple but unique flower arrangements using the fresh blooms they picked from the garden. By simply allowing the kids to choose the flowers they want to put in a vase, and by involving them in the activity, you will help them develop their self-confidence and creativity. They also develop their motor skills and artistic expression.

Another way to maximize flower arrangement activity to strengthen the family bond is by using artificial and silk flowers instead of fresh, real flowers. If you or your kids can’t wait for the flowers to bloom, there are hundreds of plastic flowers at the flower shop and you can easily incorporate them as one of your materials for your flower arrangement activities at home.

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Flower Gifting

Most children love the feel and the idea of giving flowers as gifts, especially to the people who are important to them. Giving and sending the gift of flowers is a great way to strengthen family bonds. Kids love it, too, when they give flowers as gifts to loved ones, family, and friends. It creates immediate happiness for kids when they see their parents, grandparents, siblings, relatives, and friends smile after receiving a beautiful bouquet or floral arrangement. It establishes intimate family connections, too, not only with the recipient of the flowers but also with you as parents who help them through the process.

Flower gifting as a way to strengthen family bonds is an amusing activity. It is a way of raising kids who are appreciative, emphatic, and loving, especially to elderlies. This is the perfect time for the little kids to learn the simple gesture of giving flowers, whether on special occasions and holidays. They can even insert a greeting card with written messages or greetings they personally wrote for the celebrant.

In sending flower bouquets or flower arrangements as gifts, you and your children may prefer to avail of pre-arranged designs from the florists or opt to customize and personalize unique bouquets for the occasion. With the flowers that you picked together from your own garden at home, and with the floral arrangements you created together, your kids can send the most special gifts to their grandparents on birthdays or Christmas Day.

Flowers are indeed magical in that they make bonds between parents and children even stronger. If you want your kids to grow up with a sense of empathy and responsibility, start right now with a firm foundation of trust and respect. By teaching your kids the value of family, they will grow up with more respect for you as their parents and for other people, but most especially, they will learn to have self-respect.

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