Math Nuggets: More Effective Way to Teach Kids Math and Keep Their Skills Sharp

Published 31 July 2022 at 02:58

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Math Nuggets: More Effective Way to Teach Kids Math and Keep Their Skills Sharp

Expertise in mathematics is quite important for children to get a successful start in their academic journey. With a solid foundation in math, kids are able not only to learn current and new technologies quickly but also to differentiate themselves from others in the highly competitive job market.

Every parent would love to see their child tackle math easily. Unfortunately, not all kids can solve mathematics effortlessly. Some of them have a tough time doing the homework and understanding math concepts for their grade level. Some are simply bored, fearful and discouraged during a typical math class at school or in a regular tuition centre with large group size. What is more, all the uncertainty in terms of in-person and online learning that currently surrounds the school experience has a significant negative effect on students’ math performance. And that is leaving many parents wondering how to give their children a helping hand and unlock their potential in mathematics.

Luckily, Math Nuggets, a new math tuition centre in Singapore, opens its doors to all those who are seeking alternative learning opportunities and an effective approach to teaching. Led by her passion for mathematics, Teacher Sandra, a dedicated tutor with more than 10 years of tutoring experience, has founded Math Nuggets to set students up for future achievements and make math appealing to children just like how everyone loves nuggets. With Teacher Sandra at the helm, the Math Nuggets team of professional educators approaches students at their level and provides them with the tools and skills they need. To assist students in climbing the success ladder, the teachers begin with the very foundation of topics, gradually implementing more advanced concepts and tasks.

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The key component of the Math Nuggets teaching method is chunking, which means grouping together information into ideally sized pieces. The coach breaks the lesson into smaller, manageable bites for the student to become proficient with before proceeding to more difficult or complex problems. Introducing new concepts in bite-sized form enables students to gain confidence and mastery before moving to the next level.

Furthermore, to assure students do not forget what they have learned, the tutors constantly loop and repeat concepts taught earlier. The worksheets and lessons are carefully designed in such a way that the students reinforce their math skills, apply their knowledge in practice, and recall materials learned earlier. Nearer the exams, tutors concretise students’ knowledge within multiple mathematical fields through past year exam papers. As a result, students focus on exam techniques and are prepared to handle the pressure during the tests at school.

Striving to help students overcome learning barriers with empathy, care and thoughtfulness, Math Nuggets conducts classes in small groups of max of 4 students. Thanks to such a low student-teacher ratio, students can learn and attempt worksheets at their own pace. Additionally, coaching in a small group allows children to benefit from the tutors’ attentiveness, customised learning plans, peer support and camaraderie.

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While enhancing children’s skills in the most challenging subjects such as math, the Math Nuggets tutors keep the lessons fun and interactive to ensure that students enjoy coming to the classes. Supporting them in reaching their potential and elevating their confidence in facing challenges, the tutors instil a growth mindset in students, impart the love for learning, and encourage them to give their best effort in all they do.

Contact Math Nuggets today and let its patient, energetic and dedicated educators support your child in his or her learning journey! Click here to find out more about online as well as offline classes and courses on the Math Nuggets offer.


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