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Ganga – The Heavenly Princess

Ganga – The Heavenly Princess

Before the sacred Ganges River got its name, it was known as Ganga, the mischievous daughter of the mighty mountain king Himalaya who lives in heaven.


One day, a king from Earth named Bhagirath begs Himalaya for help with his land, which has been suffering from years of severe drought. As it turns out, only Ganga has the power to save his kingdom. The only thing is, Ganga is too powerful for Earth.

How will Ganga help Bhagirath without swallowing his land whole?

Follow her adventure as she makes her way down from heaven and meets someone who can help her with her problem! Watch Ganga bring back the rain and restore the greenery on Earth.

Through narration in English, dance and drama, Ganga – The Heavenly Princess is about our precious oceans and rivers, and why we shouldn’t take them for granted.

Performed in English.

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Price: 20 SGD

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