Chord Hero Virtual Classes

Chord Hero Virtual Classes: a remote solution to music learning with online and offline components!  Our LIVE online courses teach your kids how to assemble & play their very own ukulele!


The courses are hosted by professional STEAM and music teachers who will ensure that your children get all the assistance they need. Offline coursework will keep your kids busy on the mobile app Monster Chords, a fun game that helps kids to learn and practice playing the ukulele. The best part is that kids can interact and share with other kids in class and after-class!

By completing this course your children will be able to

  • Assemble their new ukulele using the Maker Ukulele Set
  • Practice environmentalism through assembling their own ukulele stand using the ukulele packaging!
  • Personalize their ukulele!
  • Be familiar with their ukulele
  • Understand how the fretboard works
  • Read tablature and standard notations
  • Distinguish between different types of rhythm patterns
  • Play various strumming and plucking techniques
  • Practice chords by playing a fun video game!
  • Play all major and minor chords and transitions
  • Play at least 5 well known classics for beginners
  • Play chord progressions

Course Details:

Age Group 9+

One-Time Fee: $800 HKD

Package includes:

  • One Maker Ukulele Set ($250 HKD value)
  • 11 Live Online Courses in groups of 20 ($50 HKD per lesson!)
  • Classes will be held every other day on weekdays


Image Credit: Chord Hero


4 十月 2021 - 30 一月 2022, 瀏覽這個網站查看開放時間.




One - Time Fee: 800 港元 (please clarify)


Hong Kong